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Test Optional Colleges

by Originally Published in Hindustan Times Education Supplement

Very soon students who took the SAT on June 1st will get their results. For students who have scored well, this will open a new chapter and give clarity on U.S. colleges within the dream, target, and safety range. For students who did not score well, it can be an extremely discouraging moment in the

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MBA Success

by Originally published in Hindustan Times Education Supplement

Every year I am contacted by MBA applicants who have no good reason and no real chance of being accepted into top global programs, yet they want to ‘try’ despite my strong discouragement. MBA admissions are not a lottery. You don’t just buy a ticket and hope for the best. Top global MBA programs (e.g.

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Singing your Praises – Recommendations

by Originally published in the Hindustan Times Education Supplement

Whether you are applying for undergraduate, graduate or MBA, most foreign universities require at least 1 letter of recommendation (LOR) in order to get  an objective perspective on you beyond grades and test scores. Unfortunately many students treat the process of requesting LOR’s as an afterthought. This is a mistake because colleges often use recommendations

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