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Trumped by US education? Consider the Netherlands

by The Red Pen

Originally published in The Hindustan Times Education Supplement In the current political climate many students are looking beyond the US and UK for higher studies abroad. In this case, I would urge such students to consider the Netherlands, which offers a wide range of over 300 bachelor’s degree courses in English for international students. Fees

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The New Schools

by Originally published in HT Education

New schools popping up everywhere, what does it mean for your study 
abroad plans?   There seem to be announcements on the side of every BEST bus these days advertising a new “international school”. Whether it’s the Ascend’s school’s new elementary programs, HBV’s IBDP efficiently squeezed between the Western Railway tracks and Marine Drive or

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Busting Some Study Abroad Myths

by Originally published in The HT Education Supplement

Who should consider studying abroad? When you think of studying abroad several stereotypes come to mind: rich kids from IB schools, total brainiacs from HSC schools or IITians who want an MBA. Well here I hope to muddle those stereotypes a bit and dispel some of the myths around the kind of students who can

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