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John Hopkins Carey Business School

by The Red Pen

I was accepted to one of my top choice schools with full scholarship and cannot thank The Red Pen enough! With a GMAT score on the lower side, I approached TRP to strengthen the rest of my application. I was very impressed by my discussion with team members about my profile, and understood what I needed to focus on primarily. The process is quite rigorous and they gave me the confidence very early on that I would be working with a group of experienced professionals. Two of the most impressive qualities about TRP are their timelines and their crystal clear instructions. They delved deep into my background before we started working on my essays, which helped me understand what to highlight. TRP was also excellent in short-listing my school choices and gave great feedback on where I would have a strong chance of getting in. I strongly recommend TRP as MBA admission consultants for their knowledge, experience, and utmost professionalism.

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