Team-based approach and holistic guidance help undergraduate
applicants stand out in the competitive process

The admissions process for undergraduate education is complex and varies from country to country. From application limits, number of components, institutional requirements and costs to financial aid and conditions for offers, we help you navigate and take ownership of this complicated process with confidence.

Students in Class 8 - 10

Early guidance

We work with you on profile development and curricula selection in preparation for application to academic programs abroad.

  • Exploring academic interests & educational goals
  • Board selection options
  • Extracurricular direction
  • Planning toward target colleges
  • Test prep strategies
  • Diagnostic testing for ACT & SAT
  • Tutor referrals
  • Financial aid advice
  • Summer school programs
  • College visit suggestions

Students in Class 11 - 12

Admissions strategy & application process

We help you understand the university culture and guide you through the preparation of application components, submission and follow up.

  • Academic profile review
  • Educational goals focus & identification
  • College selection
  • Diagnostic testing for ACT & SAT
  • Financial aid advice
  • Summer school programs
  • Sports recruitment support
  • College visit suggestions
  • Resume review & editing
  • Essay brainstorming, review & editing
  • Teacher & counsellor recommendation strategy
  • Application forms review
  • Interview preparation/Oxbridge interview training

Admissions Highlights 2016-17



The Red Pen clients share insights on their higher education journey

Alumni Stories

Many Paths, One Destination

UG Alumni Stories

Going beyond your comfort zone

Surabhi and Sugandh Gupta’s college experience shows us an amazing example of students who push themselves beyond their comfort zone! In 2012, the twin sisters enrolled in The University of Richmond to major in finance and spent two years immersing themselves in business classes. By the time they reached the end of their sophomore year, the two had made plans to change their major to classical civilisations.

Besides taking on this academic challenge, the young women have made the most of every opportunity presented to them over the past four years. They spent their three summers between college terms on cultural experiences in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Czech Republic, France and Russia, had internships in Shanghai and Paris and were exposed to the non-profit sector in Monaco and Switzerland. The sister’s also proved their resourcefulness by securing external funding for the travel and living expenses for each of these initiatives. Their example proves that education happens equally beyond the classroom.

Make the most of your opportunities at university

Mahesh Agrawal, a long-time friend of The Red Pen, completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Stanford University in 2016 and is now beginning a co-term Master’s program in Computer Science (CS) at Stanford. We asked Mahesh to reflect on his academic journey so far in terms of how it has changed his perspective on education and his career over the past four years. Mahesh explained that he found the flexibility of the US education system incredibly powerful – in his case having a background in both the field of economics and computer science has allowed him to gain perspectives that otherwise would simply not have been possible. A strong understanding of both economics and CS has given him an awareness of both the economics side of a service as well as the underlying technology and its limitations in scaling.

Mahesh’s advice for students on choosing a college is, “I feel what one makes of the opportunities around them is more important than the ranking of the school. The opportunities in general are phenomenal across most US colleges so someone who is motivated and driven can succeed wherever they go – I have seen numerous examples of this amongst my friends and peers.” Mahesh admits that at Stanford more opportunities and resources are at a student’s disposal, but that does not mean that if you don’t get into Stanford, that you cannot reach your goals. In Mahesh’s experience student clubs and activities, music/dance/sports, travelling, food, weather and location should be carefully considered alongside the academic standing of the college.


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