Advising families with children as young as kindergarten – class 7 and children in classes 8-10 on a variety of issues.

Kindergarten - Class 10

Our Early Advising Service is ideal for families with young children (Kindergarten – class 7) who want to better understand education systems and have questions on how to select schools, which board is better, enrichment programs, the value of studying abroad, what is a good time to start planning and the costs associated with studying abroad.

Our profile development services are ideal for students in classes 8-10 who want to explore study abroad destinations and programs, and require assistance with strategy and groundwork for university applications in the future.

Focusing on your academics is very important, but building on your passion and skills is equally important.

profile development services include

  • Assessing academic interests and goals
  • Board review and school selection
  • Understanding subject choices
  • Extracurricular direction
  • Test prep strategies
  • Tutor referrals
  • Summer school planning and application
  • College visit suggestions


Let us know your goals and help you execute on your vision for the future. Contact us for more information.
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