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Why are English Language Proficiency Tests Important?

Why are English Language Proficiency Tests Important?

When applying to colleges abroad, international students might be required to submit an English Language Proficiency Test as a part of their application. This demonstrates to the colleges that the applicant’s English is at an adequate level to cope with college-level lectures and classes. These tests may be required even if English is your first […]

Letters of Recommendation: Leave Nothing to Chance

As you prepare your applications to study abroad–whether bachelor’s, master’s or MBA–you are likely focused on your personal essays, college selection and standardised testing. Each of these is an extremely important part of the application process and should not be overlooked. However, another critical aspect of your application will be the letter of recommendation (LOR). […]

Received Multiple Acceptances? Here’s How to Decide Between Them

At some point during the MBA application process, you must have thought that you would never be finished with your application. Then came the interminable wait when all you wanted was to get accepted somewhere. Now, however, as the results flood in, and you’ve received a host of positive admissions results, you have a hard […]