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MBA Interview Preparation Part 5 – 6 General Interview Tips

5th in a 5-part series on MBA interviews The MBA interview is one of the most nerve-racking parts of the MBA application process and a critical factor in the admissions decision. Below, we offer some general tips to help you navigate the MBA interview process: 1) Understand the different formats: Most MBA programmes follow a […]

MBA Interview Preparation Part 3 – Admissions Committee and Alumni Interviews

3rd in a 5-part series on MBA interviews Different institutes conduct interviews in different ways and knowing the format for these interviews beforehand can help you prepare more efficiently. While all interviews aim to learn more about you–your personality, motivations and whether you would thrive in that programme–the style and focus of alumni interviews are […]

MBA Interview Preparation Part 2 – Preparing for a Team-Based Interview

2nd in a 5-part series on MBA interviews While most MBA programmes interview applicants one-on-one, some schools follow a different interview style. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Ross School of Business, for example, use a team-based interview format, where four to five candidates are assessed simultaneously on their ability to work […]