Your future is our commitment.


Your future is our commitment.



Our counsellors help families of students in grades 5-12 understand different schooling options globally. With your goals in mind, they identify the right schools by country, curriculum, culture and budget and support you in the admissions process with application submission, testing, interviews and more.


Starting as early as grade 8, our counsellors advise you on how to build your profile for an increasingly competitive undergraduate landscape. They guide you on both academic and extracurricular activities that can help you reach your highest potential as an applicant.


After completing grade 10, you are set to enter the competitive college application process. Our collaborative team of counsellors helps you with unlimited support on everything from shortlisting colleges to completing essays, submitting applications and securingrs scholarships.


Whether you are currently in college or just about to graduate, our career counsellors help you gain clarity on the next steps in your education journey. Based on your current situation and career aspirations, our team helps you develop strategies with a roadmap to the future.


In the final years of university or after graduation, our counsellors step in to aid with Master’s and PhD applications to competitive universities worldwide. From strategically finding best-fit programmes to essay and interview support, they are with you every step of the way.


Our MBA counsellors help you understand the culture and advantages of top-tier business schools based on your goals, academic performance and
professional background. They
assist you with planning, strategising and executing admissions requirements on time.


To address ever expanding global education opportunities, The Red Pen supports school leadership and staff by reviewing current processes, making recommendations on university counselling and conducting in-school workshops.

Our study abroad consultants are based in India, the US, the UK, Germany, the UAE and China

  • Our MBA and postgraduate admissions consultants have graduated from some of the best graduate schools such as Wharton, Columbia Business School, INSEAD, HEC Paris, Stern School of Business, Anderson School of Management, Cornell Johnson and more. This makes them the best admissions consultants to give you advice on how to get into MBA and postgraduate programmes abroad.
  • Our Master’s admissions consultants help you apply to postgraduate programmes abroad including MSc, MA, MPhil, MPA, LLM, CPA, MFA and more.
  • Our higher education consulting services take into consideration your academic goals, qualifications and fit with the programme.
  • Our MBA and Postgraduate admissions consulting services give the best advice on how to apply for MBA and Master’s degrees abroad. We help you apply for an MBA in foreign countries, including in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland and more. Our Master’s admissions consultants help you apply to postgraduate programmes abroad including MSc, MA, MPhil, MPA, LLM, CPA, MFA and more.

We maintain standards that allow us to be the best admissions consultants to meet all your needs.

How it works

We are a team of dedicated education consultants who take great pride in finding the best-fit schools, colleges and programmes for you. Our team includes graduates from top universities who collaborate to maximize your access to global education opportunities.

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