A business school education complemented my work goals

As the child in a military family, I grew up watching my father work hard to make sure the Indian army maintained an even handed approach to civilians in conflict areas, despite the high tensions. Watching him stand up for the disadvantaged affected my own mindset, and it guided my journey to business school.

After studying at Tufts University in the US, I wanted to bring my skills and energy back to India, and address some of the wide-scale social problems I saw plaguing daily life. Determined to address India’s urban transportation issues in a sustainable and profitable way, I founded my own company, hoping to better the lives of 60 million motorcyclists. While we faced issues and ultimately weren’t able to continue operations, the two years I spent were challenging and rewarding, and they moulded me into a dynamic and open minded-business thinker.

I was able to apply so many of the lessons I had learned in my own start up when I joined a funded startup, whose similar social goals and transportation-oriented product aligned with my experiences and interests. Working as a product manager in a tech-startup in Bangalore, the heart of India’s new technology space, allowed me to develop my abilities across teams, in mentoring employees and operating in cross-functional roles. It also helped me clarify my desire to someday run operations at a larger scale beyond product management, and I knew in order to jumpstart that transition I would need a business school education that gave me a wider perspective at an international level.

When working on applications on my own didn’t yield positive results, I reached out to The Red Pen, and was able to clarify my goals, construct a business-centric narrative that reflected my personality and interests, and find the school that would expose me to new experiences and insights. Having been accepted to multiple programs, I’m now part of the Kellogg School of Management’s Class of 2018.

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