Program strategy and application guidance in support of your professional goals.

A Master’s degree is a great way to increase your subject area expertise or gain insights into an industry for your future career success. We provide end-to-end services for Master’s applicants, where we work with you from helping you plan and strategize programs that align with your professional objectives, statement of purpose to the preparation of application components

A master's degree helps you build on your existing knowledge and provides you with job ready skills.


Our advisors will help you develop a strategy after reviewing your profile, which includes undergraduate performance, test scores, project work, volunteer and/or work experience. We will help you fine-tune your resume.


Once we understand your intended field of study, we help you select programs that align with your qualifications, achievements and goals.


The SOP helps the admissions committee determine if you are suited for their graduate program. It is your voice in the application process – an opportunity to position your education, experiences and achievements vis-à-vis your intended course of study. Our advisors will help you from the brainstorming and drafting stages to the final presentation of the SOP.


The LOR helps the admissions committee put together a more complete picture of you as an applicant, and can corroborate other materials in your application. We will provide high-level inputs on letters of recommendation required for admissions.

Admissions Highlights 2017-18

130 Master’s applications

30 Unique programs

Finance | Business Psychology | Law | Film | Sports Management

Diverse destinations

US | Australia | The Netherlands | Sweden | Spain | France | Japan

70+ Prominent universities

90% acceptance rate


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The Statement of Purpose – Your Voice in a Master’s Application

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