Ace the Process

Navigate the school and college admissions landscape in India and abroad with our expert consultants.

Ace the Process

Navigate the school and college admissions landscape in India and abroad with our expert consultants.


At The Red Pen, we’ve mastered the application process so that you can realise your goals!

We have built our expertise through 10 years of education consulting, working with over 10,000 applications and developing a wide range of professional affiliations and networks. Our consultants are graduates from top international colleges and are well-versed with university application processes in over 12 countries, including the UK, US, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia and India. We work closely with you to find top-tier institutions that represent the best fit for you. It’s no wonder we have a stellar track record!




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Higher Education Planning

Finding the right course and building a strategic roadmap

Profile Development | The Red Pen

University Research

A customised list of university and course options

Standardised Testing | The Red Pen

SOP Review

Comprehensive guidance on the statement of purpose

Resume Building | The Red Pen

Supplemental Essay Support

Thorough edits on school-specific supplemental essays

Resume & Letter of Recommendation Support

Recommender strategy and line-by-line editing of your resume

Application Form Guidance

Review of school-specific application forms, advice on compiling documents and transcript evaluation

Resume Building | The Red Pen

Scholarship & Financial Aid

Support on financial aid, scholarship and fellowship options

Interview and Video Essay Prep

Guidance on how to prepare for interviews with real-time analysis

College Readiness

Guiding your child through their pre-college years to ensure that they are competitive applicants

Tracking Academic Progress

Checking academic progress and intervening to support and motivate as needed

Board & Subject Selection | The Red Pen

Board & Subject Selection

Recommending what board and subjects will align with future goals at competitive universities

Psychometric Evaluation | The Red Pen

Psychometric Evaluation

Identifying potential career pathways while deciding and implementing a plan forward to eventually pursue them

Summer School Application And Summer Planning | The Red Pen

Summer School Application & Summer Planning

Recommending activities to make the most of summer breaks

Interview Preparation | The Red Pen

Interview Preparation

Helping prepare for internships, school application or summer school interviews

Resume Building | The Red Pen

Resume Building

Identifying gaps and suggesting ways to build a stronger resume

Standardised Testing | The Red Pen

Standardised Testing

Setting timelines for PSAT/ diagnostic SAT tests and recommending suitable test prep partners

Building Unique Extracurricular Profile | The Red Pen

Building Unique Extracurricular Profiles

Suggesting ways to authentically transform your child’s extracurriculars into true differentiators

Country And School List | The Red Pen

Country & School List

Narrowing down on countries and schools that are the best fit for your child’s goals

Curriculum & Board Choices | The Red Pen

Curriculum & Board Choices

Understanding the different curricula and their requirements

Boarding School Visits | The Red Pen

Boarding School Visits

Organising visits to selected schools and meeting school faculty and administrators

Application Support | The Red Pen

Application Support

Advising on application timelines, attaining application materials and final review

Resume Building | The Red Pen

Essay & Personal Statement Review

Brainstorming, editing and reviewing essays and parent statements

Interview Preparation | The Red Pen

Interview Preparation

Planning mock interviews with real-time analysis for a more confident interview experience

Testing Timeline | The Red Pen

Testing Timeline

Understanding testing options and timelines and helping plan when and how to take them

Pre Application And Application Strategy | The Red Pen

Pre-application & Application Strategy

Analysing your profile to decide what country and programme are the best for your goals

Profile Development | The Red Pen

Profile Development

Helping with academic and non-academic profile enhancement

SAT/CAT Planning | The Red Pen

SAT/ACT Planning

Identifying the best timing and resources required for testing

College Readiness | The Red Pen

College & University Selection

Creating a list of best-fit universities based on your personal goals, finances and academic ability

Scholarship and Financial Aid Advice | The Red Pen

Scholarship & Financial Aid Advice

Determining eligibility and programmes that suit your needs

Essay & Personal Statement Brainstroming & Editing | The Red Pen

Essay & Personal Statement Brainstorming & Editing

Ensuring that you share the most compelling narrative in your application

Resume Building | The Red Pen

Letter Of Recommendation Guidance

Guiding you on how to ask for an impactful recommendation and strategising recommender choice

Resume Development | The Red Pen

Resume Development

Developing a resume that represents the best version of yourself & features all your accomplishments

Interview Preparation | The Red Pen

Interview Preparation

Conducting mock interviews to sharpen and improve personal presentation


To help your child become a well-rounded individual while also giving them an edge amongst the applicant pool, they need to start working on profile enhancement as early as grade 8. Our Early Advising Team guides your child through their pre-college years to help them pick the right board and subjects and engage them in meaningful extracurricular activities. Our mentors are by your child’s side throughout the process, encouraging and motivating them to give it their best.

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For parents looking for a well-rounded education that is a stepping stone to premier universities, boarding schools may be the answer. At The Red Pen, our expert counsellors understand that sending your child away from home can be a daunting decision, so they help families understand the objectives and benefits of different schooling systems globally. From selecting a country and curriculum to setting goals, timelines and working on the application process, our counsellors are with you every step of the way.

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Applying for your undergraduate degree programme means entering an increasingly competitive landscape. At The Red Pen, we help you realise your goals by guiding you to the best-fit college where the academics and culture match your aspirations. Our counsellors have helped applicants gain admission to colleges around the world including the Ivy League in the US and Oxbridge in the UK.

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OVER 98% OF Applicants give the red pen 5 STARS.

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Admissions Brighton College
Admissions Brighton College
We are very impressed by the professionalism of The Red Pen team. The recent Boarding Schools Fair was very well organised and certainly worthwhile. As the Boarding Schools team are very knowledgeable about individual schools, we only met families who are serious about sending their child to school in the UK and understood our ethos of curiosity, kindness and academic excellence. We look forward to our next visit.
himanshi dahiya
himanshi dahiya
The Red Pen organization holds very informative sessions for all the students where they help the students take informed decisions about taking admission in foreign universities. Every school must organize these relevant sessions to guide the students.
Bhavna Duggal
Bhavna Duggal
The session was helpful and informative. The valuable facts and figures were shared. The book “ Acing Admissions” is a fantastic book. The book will guide you through the US undergraduate college applications.
Deepti K
Deepti K
The session by Ms Sheetal Vora was very informative and comprehensive 'On Admission trends for undergraduate students in year the 2022' supported by data & facts.
Red Pen has truly been our one stop shop, from brainstorming schools, curriculum, interview prep, appointment fixing….we couldn’t have done it with so much ease without Aarti and her team! My husband and I have asked Aarti the same question 10 times and she has always patiently answered all 10 times with the same answer and quelled our anxieties. We are truly thankful to them for their guidance and continuous follow ups for Elisha’s admission into Sevenoaks. I would highly recommend their services for anyone considering sending their children to a UK boarding school without blinking an eyelid! Enakshi and Sujan
Suman Bala
Suman Bala
The Red Pen is a place where students do get through their dreams and achieve their maximum potential. The team comprised of experienced consultants, editors and counsellors who handpicked elements of my application like essays, drafts, extracurriculars and improvised me at every stage. They even assisted me at the last moment, so their company is highly recommended to anyone who wants to seek consultancy regarding pursuing higher education in India or abroad whether for UG, PG or MBA.
Sonia Hays
Sonia Hays
The Red Pen was a very helpful for narrowing my son’s choices of college and we benefit from their expertise in during the application process. The team was encouraging and always available for enquirers. I would definitely recommend The Red Pen to ease the burden of the whole process.
Ishika Gupta
Ishika Gupta
The Red Pen helped me to get into one of my top colleges. From crafting a college list to essays my mentor helped with it all. I'm so thankful for the mentorship and guidance that I received. I was able to fully express myself in my essays thanks to the brainstorming of essays we did before I started writing them and the various edits!