Time to rise above the rest. Prepare yourself to be a standout college applicant.


Time to rise above the rest. Prepare yourself to be a standout college applicant.

The Red Pen’s Mentorship Programme helps middle and high school students develop a well-rounded profile so that they stand out in a competitive undergraduate landscape. Based on your child’s goals and identified areas of academic and non-academic interests, our counsellors guide families to start planning early. They mentor, motivate and encourage students through their formative years to carefully pick the right subjects and engage in extracurricular opportunities that authentically enhance your child’s profile.

5 Stages of our mentorship programme

Early Advising Services mentorship programme | The Red Pen

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Pre-College Advising Mentorship Programme

Step 01: Getting To Know You Session

Designed for children from grades 8-11, our mentorship programme helps younger students build their profile for the competitive undergraduate landscape. Our counsellors take the time to understand the priorities and goals for your child’s global education and build a customised roadmap to achieve it.

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Step 02: Psychometric Testing & Evaluation

Using widely-researched scales to conduct psychometric evaluations, our counsellors help identify potential career pathways that suit your child’s aptitude and interests. They offer advice and next steps on how to build relevant competencies and enhance learning profiles through co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities.

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Step 03: Brainstorming & Mind Mapping

Our counsellors reach out to a vast network of over 150 global partners and affiliates to find unique and enriching opportunities for your child. By analysing, identifying and carefully organising the correct programmes, they develop S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, time-related) and timelines to support your child’s objectives.

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Step 04: Executing An Action Plan

Based on your customised action plan, our counsellors guide you and your child every step of the way. They help with summer school selection and applications, academic advice (on board options and subject selection), college exploration and research. They also assist with developing a unique extracurricular profile, introduction to relevant mentors, interview preparation, resume building, standardised test planning, other academic enrichment options and more.

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Step 05: Frequent Check-ins

To ensure your child is on track to building his or her enhanced profile, our counsellors conduct catch-up sessions every two weeks. Here they discuss progress or help with any roadblocks your child may be facing and motivate them to stay on course. These are supplemented by six-monthly “big picture” sessions that check in on larger goals and make sure he/she is on track to meet them.

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Early Advising Track Record | The Red Pen

100% summer programme acceptance rate

75+ enrichment opportunities

150+ affiliations and partners


At The Red Pen, we take great pride in finding the best-fit opportunities for your child.