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Undergraduate Interview Prep for Univerisity of Oxford and University of Cambridge


Interviews are a vital part of the Oxbridge application. To prepare you for a confident and successful interview, our interview specialists conduct two academic interview sessions that are personalised to your particular subject and profile. These sessions simulate the actual interview conditions to give you a feel of what to expect and ask subject-related questions to test your knowledge.

Each mock session is an hour long and includes a 30-35 minute interview, with the remaining time used to give real-time feedback on your performance that highlights areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. At the end of the service, you will receive an additional detailed review and written feedback from a senior counsellor from the Undergraduate team.

Frequently asked questions:

Who will conduct the interview?
Each interview is conducted by our Oxbridge interview expert, who has 5+ years of experience, along with an Oxbridge alumnus. We have worked with over 100 applicants, with a 90 percent success rate in engineering, architecture, physics, computer science and more.

What are interviewers looking for in an Oxbridge interview?
The Oxbridge interviews aim to assess your academic ability, potential and passion for the course to which you have applied. They want to see your ability to study, think independently, learn and engage in new ideas beyond your school curriculum.

What will we need from you?
For this service, we will need your final application and your personal statement.

What kind of feedback is given?
Based on our extensive experience, we assess your academic potential, communication skills and subject-based knowledge. Our feedback will highlight your strengths and give you pointers on areas of improvement. This experience helps you develop clarity and coherence in structuring your answers and alerts you on the academic areas on which to build.

Which subject interviews do you help with?
We help with various subjects including engineering, architecture, physics, computer science, social sciences and more.

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