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London Business School

London Business School

My MBA application journey spanned 3 years and 11 applications (7 without TRP and 4 with TRP). I was only able to get up to the interview stage and could not convert any top schools in the first 2 years, despite having good work experience, a GMAT score of 750 and an undergrad brand (IIT Madras). Finally, thanks to TRP’s structured approach, a great lead consultant and dedicated teams for various components of the application, I got interviews with Wharton and LBS and eventually, an admit from LBS.

Since LBS MBA was a re-application for me, TRP advised me on how to showcase the progress I have made since my last application. Another aspect that makes TRP unique is the approach of their lead consultants; they go beyond just editing and reviewing the essays we send. Garima was like my friend and mentor with whom I could bounce off any ideas pertaining to the interview or application process and take her inputs. Garima’s research on the interview format and the interviewer helped me to a great extent in preparing for my interview.

Thank you TRP!

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