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The Red Pen is committed to finding the ‘best-fit’ institution for every applicant. We help our applicants and their families by first understanding their cultural background, financial plans, long-term goals, interests, academic performance and professional expertise. This is why all of The Red Pen alumni are delighted with our services.

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It was the best decision for me to work on my MBA applications with The Red Pen. The first few sessions with the team were intense, and they successfully revealed the gaps in my application. They also provided me with the required structure and guidance to articulate my thoughts meticulously. Each element of the application was covered thoroughly – setting goals, selecting universities, identifying critical life events and preparing for the interview. I am extremely impressed that The Red Pen’s structured yet fluid process helped me focus on the right elements and maintain a smooth story.

Cornell University | Class of 2023

The Red Pen is extremely sought after, professional and highly skilled at what they do. They not only helped me get into my dream school but also improved my thought process, making it clearer and more objective. Plus, they assisted me with my essays and even helped me prepare for my interviews, which allowed me to stand out from the crowd. I recommend them to anyone who seeks admission to a competitive business school.

Babson | Class of 2024

The Red Pen is the reason I secured an MBA admit at my dream business school, LBS. The entire team pushed me to explore my own story and helped me envision my experiences in a different light. The MBA application process can be quite emotionally draining and frustrating. However, The Red Pen always encouraged and motivated me to push on. The larger team of consultants examined each of my essays from the admissions committees’ viewpoint, which allowed me to see how others perceived my story. All-in-all, I felt as though I was in the best hands in the industry and would recommend The Red Pen’s services to anyone looking to apply.

London Business School | Class of 2024

If you’re planning to apply for your MBA, I suggest choosing The Red Pen to help you. They have a very collaborative approach, with different team members working on various facets of the application. I applied to four colleges and got three interview invites, two admit offers, one waitlist decision and a scholarship. My journey with them started in December, and I barely had a month before R2 deadlines. Moreover, my GRE score was also on the lower side. However, they helped me prepare a winning application, gave me valuable insights and assisted me in articulating and refining my career goals. I would definitely recommend signing up with The Red Pen so that they can work their magic on your application and help you get into the school of your choice!

Babson | Class of 2024

I worked with The Red Pen for my applications, resume and interview preparation and found them to be super helpful, even though I started my process roughly two months before the deadline. They customised their approach to suit my requirements while also accommodating my work schedule. The process was efficient and didn’t involve more than 4-5 iterations, which I appreciated the most. I would 100% recommend The Red Pen’s services!

INSEAD | Class of 2023

I was very fortunate to be mentored by The Red Pen. The process was very smooth, from resume building, school selection, STAR stories, essays, recommendation advisory, and interview preparation. The team designed their approach according to my preferred method of working and gave me invaluable insights at every juncture of the process. Their consultants are world-class and the management is very professional and invested in their client’s success. I would recommend The Red Pen to anyone starting their MBA admission journey.

Ross School of Business | Class of 2024

My experience working with The Red Pen for R2 applications was fantastic. They have a team of experts who work with you on different aspects of your application rather than the one person assisting you with all your essays, resumes, and LORs. My lead consultant was crucial in bringing out the best in me. She made me introspect a lot and was influential in crafting my story, which included various different aspects of my life. Overall, the team was always supportive and made sure to do everything they could to get the best out of me. I’d certainly recommend working with them!

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2024

A big thank you to The Red Pen for helping me get into my dream business school. Safe to say, it would not have been possible without them. I had some gaps in my application that the team thought through, bridged and made up for through my essays. They were also very easy to work with and extremely approachable, which was the most important factor for me. I have worked with and spoken to other consultants in the past and believe the depth of experience The Red Pen team has is unmatched. I would definitely give the whole experience 5 stars!

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2024

I signed up with The Red Pen for assistance with my business school applications. The team took the time to dive into my personal experiences and ensured that my essays were unique. The mock interview preparation was very similar to my actual interview, ensuring that I was well prepared. Moreover, their feedback on my LORs and resume was to the point, detailed, and catered to my profile.

Columbia Business School | Class of 2024

I was a bit late for Round 1 and appeared for my GMAT seven weeks before the 1st application deadline. I heard about The Red Pen from one of my seniors, and I must say the process is so structured that I was able to apply to 5 schools and receive admits to Kellogg and Ross. The best part is that you have multiple people working on your application, with each person’s forte being a part of your application. We had a WhatsApp group with everyone on it and I would always get prompt replies to my doubts/queries/concerns. They even picked up my calls at random hours and supported me throughout my application. Plus, they helped me craft a compelling narrative for my application that helped me get four interviews (converted 2, waitlisted 1)! Lastly, I would want to clarify that the above doesn’t mean they will write the content of your application for you. This doesn’t happen. You’ll still have to put in the effort as an applicant. But if you are willing to do so, I am confident The Red Pen will get you into your dream school.

Kellogg School of Management | Class of 2024

After going through many reviews/websites for MBA admissions consulting, I chose The Red Pen, given their thorough and holistic approach to applications. From the beginning, my consultant pushed me to fine-tune my story and portray the best and most authentic version of myself to the admissions committee. The whole detailed oriented essay process greatly helped develop a storyline, which allowed me to ace my interview. Working on my applications with The Red Pen has been an amazing learning experience, and I would strongly suggest you choose them for your business school journey.

Indian School of Business | Class of 2023

Having worked with 10+ consultants, The Red Pen made me feel good about my chances of admission while setting the right expectations. After running through their highly structured process involving multiple reviews, I was increasingly optimistic about my chances. Since my geography and industry targets were very narrow, the team paired me up with a consultant who had an MBA from my target school and a post MBA career similar to what I had in mind. My lead consultant and content specialist were terrific throughout the process, helping me set the right expectations and encouraging me when I needed it the most. Their quick responses and well-structured thought processes allowed me to arrive at my final essays within four iterations. Plus, they were highly flexible to accommodate any requests, however late into the process. After being admitted to Oxford and Cambridge, I would definitely recommend The Red Pen for their highly-valued MBA admissions consulting services.

University of Cambridge Judge Business School | Class of 2024

I initially applied in R1 for the 2021 intake but didn’t make the cut; then applied again for the 2022 intake and was admitted. I would highly recommend The Red Pen as an admission consultant and coach. In my initial chat with them, I explained my background and ideated my long term goal post-MBA. The team guided me in a more strategic manner and summarised my story succinctly and effectively. I would 100% work with them again and recommend their expertise to anyone looking for an effective approach while applying for an MBA.

Fuqua School of Business | Class of 2024

I would highly recommend The Red Pen as an MBA admissions consultant and coach. They played a pivotal role in helping me secure a place at Chicago Booth. Before deep-diving into my essays, the team spent almost 2-3 weeks brainstorming and crafting my stories. My lead consultant worked backwards and highlighted all my relevant skill sets via compelling storytelling in my essays and connected them to long-term goals that were ambitious yet achievable.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business | Class of 2021

I had a great experience working with The Red Pen for my MBA applications! Initially, I was quite confused about what I wanted from the MBA. However, the team provided immense guidance and structure to my journey – to the point where I could clearly articulate my goals and career progression. Their meticulous essay edits forced me to narrow my focus and bring out the best insights from my professional and academic experience. Refining my career goals and going through multiple rounds of feedback was certainly challenging, but The Red Pen really knows what they’re doing. Having secured offers from 2 top MBA programs, I strongly recommend their services to anyone looking to start or improve their applications. Thank you again to the team for their amazing support during the whole process!

Rotman School of Management | Class of 2024

The Red Pen has a fantastic leadership team. They are as dedicated and committed to the application process as you are. They will push you to deliver exceptional results and support you every step of the way. Their team of experts work around the clock, answering all queries and providing application support. They helped me greatly with storyboarding, essay writing and interview preparation. I got admitted to HBS and Kellogg and would strongly recommend their services.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2024

The entire team at The Red Pen was extremely professional since the day I signed up with them. Their professionalism was matched only by their willingness to go above and beyond when it came to helping aspiring candidates put their best foot forward. They were able to make sense of the jumbled thoughts and ideas I shared with them and helped me craft applications that I was proud of. I received multiple MBA admits (with sizeable scholarships) in the programs I applied for. Signing up with The Red Pen early in my application journey is probably one of the smartest things I did. Thank you so much to the team for their endless support!

London Business School | Class of 2024

My experience with the Red Pen for US MBA applications was great! I used their comprehensive services for Round 1 of the 21-22 cycle and received an admit offer from my dream school (with a full-tuition scholarship), plus other admits and interview invites. They have a well-structured process, spending a lot of time getting to know you and your story and then helping you structure those according to each school’s essay prompts. They use an online system that’s easy to navigate and saves a lot of confusion between draft versions. Coming from a non-traditional background in an over-represented demographic and targeting top US B-Schools, I was quite anxious about how this would turn out. But, The Red Pen provided me with immense support throughout the process and helped me with countless edits on the most abstract essays, even going over each detail of the online application forms. I highly recommend their MBA services.

UVA Darden School of Business | Class of 2024

It was extremely useful to get The Red Pen’s help on my MBA application. As someone who has been reviewing essays of similar candidates for several years, The Red Pen was instantly able to highlight areas of weakness in my essays and suggest improvements. Their feedback really helped me get across my ideas in a succinct and effective manner.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2012

The Red Pen provided extremely pertinent perspectives and assistance for my business school applications. First, they brainstormed with me to pull out strong experiences and then helped extract deeper color for the essays. Second, they helped me string these experiences into a succinct story while advising on the tone and language. And third, working as a team, they helped provide crucial perspectives on how the target audience would interpret the essays.

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business | Class of 2015

The Red Pen was amazing! I found that they championed my voice and uniqueness drawing out the key insights, which are sometimes tough to glean yourself. They were flexible, quick to respond and always available. If I had to go through an application process again, I’d definitely go with The Red Pen.

INSEAD | Class of 2015

With three weeks left at HBS, I can’t help but think that until two years ago I had never met anyone from HBS, and I had decided not waste my time applying to the school, thinking I didn’t belong there and that I didn’t have much interesting to showcase on my application. The Red Pen encouraged me to apply to HBS, helped me put forth my story in a way I never could conceive and catalyzed the two most amazing and cherished years of my life. They have been a constant friend and mentor throughout the two years as well, serving as a sounding board during my job searches and commiserating about the unyielding Boston weather. Now, I cannot imagine a life without my two years at HBS and I have The Red Pen to thank for that.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2014

The Red Pen helped me apply and receive admission to Harvard and Stanford business schools. My applications were reviewed by several co-workers, alumni and current students. TRP’s contribution stood out amongst all my reviewers and was instrumental in helping me write the essays to my satisfaction.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2013

As alumni of top US universities, The Red Pen really understand what it takes to be admitted to such institutions. They really help paint an accurate picture of what each school is like and are therefore a great resource to help you understand best fit programs. I had a great experience working with The Red Pen; they really helped me shape my story and take my essays to the next level. Their insights on the interview process were extremely helpful as well. I definitely recommend working with The Red Pen.”

Stanford Graduate School of Business | Class of 2015

Writing essays for a US business school application is a very stressful activity and it always helps to get advice and counsel from an experienced individual. I had approached The Red Pen for help with my Wharton essays and she came back with detailed commentary on not only the macro story-line and flow of the essay but also minute word and grammar edits which made my essays more presentable and reader friendly for a US audience. Also given The Red Pen’s prior experience as a teacher in the US, one is rest assured that they are in capable and competent hands.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2010

The Red Pen was instrumental in facilitating my business school journey. Kim and Kavita guided me every step of the way, from shortlisting schools to refining my stories and now in shaping my Wharton journey. TRP helped me create an overall strategy for my applications and stick to my timelines. Kavita was only a phone call away and we had several brainstorming sessions to refine my pitch. Kavita’s personal anecdotes from Wharton were particularly insightful and she continues to advise me on getting the most from my time at Wharton. It has been my privilege to get to know Kavita and Kim and in them, I have found wonderful long-term mentors.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2015

The Red Pen were incredible pillars of support through the MBA application process. Specifically, The Red Pen’s assistance on making our CVs succinct, outcome-oriented and lean, was invaluable. Additionally, The Red Pen spent a lot of time ensuring that all our application essays were clear and concise and articulating the strength of our experiences. It was extremely helpful to get her feedback on the style of writing, as she has many years of experience reviewing applications, and can share trends and best practices. Lastly, The Red Pen were always available and quick to respond, despite being in the thick of the application period – this made the whole process so much easier. We’re both headed to Harvard Business School in the fall, and grateful to TRP for their guidance.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2016

The Red Pen gave me continuous support starting from school selection to applications to the interviews and to the waitlist process. They were very professional but always maintained a personal touch. Their mock interview preparation is amazing and helped me build confidence in preparation for interviews. And, since The Red Pen are Americans who have experienced the US education process first-hand, they were able to help me shape my applications and thought process in an American way – something which is unique among educational consulting firms in India. The level of commitment and effort that TRP provided was exceptional. I am happy to say that I started the fulltime MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management in August 2014.

University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management | Class of 2016

I loved the fact that The Red Pen were easily accessible – and were extremely responsive when I had specific questions or wanted to have a quick chat about something. They were also very patient and responded very thoughtfully to all my queries! Extremely extremely valuable to me! I appreciated that they went out of their way to share relevant articles and general information with me. They worked once on my resume – but then suggested we rework based on second thought. I really appreciated that. They were extremely prompt with all my resume and essay reviews and their suggestions scrupulously retained my voice / writing style in the essays. I always felt TRP was genuinely invested in my application and our interactions never felt transactional. This was extremely helpful during a tough process.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2016

If you think hiring a counselor means you can take it easy, THINK AGAIN! The Red Pen will make sure you keep your nose to the grindstone. However, their constant push and encouragement helped me bring out my story in the best possible way and the final output I sent to schools was something of which I am extremely proud. Of course, most importantly, thanks to them, I am going to Stanford GSB!!!

Stanford Graduate School of Business | Class of 2016

I loved the personal and friendly approach of Kavita and Maya from The Red Pen. They took time to get to know me, understood all my stories and most importantly, paced me to complete my applications within the deadlines. Since they have a different industry experience than mine, discussing my stories with them helped me improve my writing skills to suit a wider global audience. Most importantly, they have a great understanding of education in the US. However intimidating it seemed at times, they motivated me to pursue my dream to get into Stanford.

Stanford Graduate School of Business | Class of 2016

I enrolled with The Red Pen for support with my HBS interview preparation. I found them extremely professional and their guidance was very useful. I especially appreciated their method of videotaping interviews, which helped me revisit the feedback multiple times and improve. The Red Pen was also available for support on various other topics during the application process. I would like to thank them for helping me get into Harvard Business School.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2016

After completing my GMAT, I knew that I needed some guidance on my US business school applications. I had spoken to a few MBA consultants but wasn’t very happy with what they were offering. When I met The Red Pen, I knew that my search was over!

Not only did they guide me on the schools I should target, given my background, but also were very frank and realistic about my options. This gave me a lot of comfort and I was able to short list my target schools and make a proper plan for managing the application process.

The team was very responsive to my numerous questions, and I found their dedication to work amazing. I had a hectic travel schedule, but this did not create a hindrance as we communicated frequently. The consultants’ feedback on my essays was invaluable – it strengthened my application. In preparation for interviews with business school representatives, I participated in a mock interview session organized by The Red Pen, which helped me understand my weaknesses and how to leverage my strengths. Thanks to their help I was able to present myself with confidence during the actual interviews.

The Red Pen’s support was crucial in helping me achieve my goal of getting into a top US business school. I cannot recommend them enough!

NYU Stern School of Business | Class of 2017

Working with The Red Pen on my MBA applications was a very fruitful experience. The Red Pen are immensely knowledgeable about every school and up to speed on the latest school news and focus. This helped in both school selection and customizing applications. They made an effort to know me through a perfect balance of encouragement, creative brainstorming and constructive criticism to bring out the best aspects of my experiences and personality in my applications. Throughout the process, they were always available and made time to speak to me. Though we were operating out of different countries, I never felt a distance.

Columbia Business School | Class of 2016

I remember reaching out to The Red Pen in a state of panic – aiming to submit three applications with just two months left on the clock. In hindsight, it was one of my best decisions. They were a great sounding board for me to initially firm up ideas and then translate them into words, keeping me on schedule all the while. Their feedback was succinct, relevant and very personalized. They were always approachable, going way beyond the brief on many occasions. Look no further, they are as good as they come.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2016

Having worked for over four years, I was clear that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and that business school was the best way to prepare me for this journey. Stanford was my natural first choice. I chose to work with The Red Pen because it promised to bring a unique perspective to my application – a deep understanding of the American culture and system of education (both co-founders being American) combined with an accurate conception of Indian applicants and their professional contexts. My experience exceeded my expectations in every way. The Red Pen spent an inordinate amount of time understanding my personal and professional context, and an even longer time iterating my essays to make sure that my best foot was put forward. The result was an application that I know could not have been done any better. Their attention to detail, patience, openness to new ideas and great work ethic differentiate them from the rest. A testament to this was their reaction when I decided to change an essay three days before the deadline. They very patiently understood what I had to say – despite the amount of work that had already gone in to it, and then put in extra hours over the weekend to help me rework it to my satisfaction. Through the application process, I went from “not so sure I need a consultant” to “I couldn’t have done it without them”. I would highly recommend The Red Pen!

Stanford Graduate School of Business | Class of 2017

I worked with The Red Pen on two MBA applications. I think their biggest strengths are responsiveness, their network and interview preparation. Their Wharton interview prep is the best that I have ever come across and I highly recommend it! It was exactly like the real interview. They have an in-depth understanding of what each school wants and are excellent at creating access to alumni, events, and interview experts. Their school selection process is the best I have seen. I have often reached out to Vrinda and Kavita for advice on all aspects of the application process and they have always been thorough, honest and to the point. I went to them last minute for one of my applications and Vrinda gave me quick feedback on my essays, looked over my material, and encouraged me to stay calm. I ended up getting an offer from that school. They would keep pushing me to bring out the best in me. It was a pleasure working with The Red Pen.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2018

I chose The Red Pen for my HBS and Wharton interview preparation. I did this after a lot of due diligence online and from friends – I heard that TRP is certainly the best admissions consulting firm in India and my experience with them proved that without a doubt! What stood out for me was how approachable they were throughout the process and how quickly they responded to any doubt / query from my end. The Red Pen especially was such an amazing mentor through this process! I found their interview help to be outstanding in terms of how close it was to the real interview experience and I was glad I took their support to prepare. The fact that my interview prep was done in person made all the difference. I wish them (and more importantly their clients!) the best of luck!

Harvard Business School | Class of 2018

I chose to work with The Red Pen because I knew a couple of their former clients and they had great things to say about the MBA team. I was also reassured by the fact that many of your team members had international degrees and had lived worked abroad – I was sure that I would get an in-depth perspective of business schools.

TRP was super professional and the process was well organized. The team was always responsive and were invested in every application. We went through several drafts together, and my lead consultant helped me mould a very personal and hazy story into something that was concise and easy to understand. Also, getting multiple perspectives really helped me out.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2018

My employer encouraged me to get in touch with The Red Pen. The Red Pen bring a wealth of experience to the whole process, which can be invaluable to any applicant. From my point of view, their biggest value add was the guidance on my essays. The Red Pen helped me tailor my essays so that they were consistent with my profile and resume. Thanks to their input, I was able to improve my grammar, write succinctly, with honesty and to the point. Without their guidance, my essays would have been average. Overall I would say that my experience with the Red Pen was very useful.

University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management | Class of 2017

The Red Pen was crucial to my application process. They assisted me over 9 months to turn a previously mediocre application into work that made me proud of my growth. I don’t think I could have done it without their help!

Besides distilling my myriad experiences into a lucid story, we also strategized the achievements I should highlight depending on the business school’s individual quirks. What I liked the most was how easily The MBA team was able to review my extracurricular experiences and translate them into application worthy material.

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University | Class of 2018

The MBA team made an effort to understand my aspirations during the getting to know you conversation. Their team-based approach was great in terms of getting several viewpoints on essays, which helped speed up the process of editing. The one thing that stood out for me though was the counsel I received – that is where The Red Pen is unique among its peers. At all times, the intent is to make the client think and dig deeper within themselves to identify their leadership style, their aspirations, their fit with particular schools.

A great example, which highlights how they focus on what is best for the client, is my first conversation with the team. In the course of my profile development discussion, they suggested I should consider waiting for a year and apply in the next cycle, because I would be a much stronger candidate.

I didn’t really pay heed to that advice and applied. To my surprise, I was waitlisted at my dream school; the admissions committee felt my career progression was very positive but thought I could do with more exposure in my current industry. The second time round working with The Red Pen, I listened; I made it to one of my dream schools!

MIT Sloan School of Management | Class of 2018

In a panic, I got in touch with The Red Pen a few days before Round 2 application deadlines on a friend’s recommendation who had worked with them previously. They were very accommodating and friendly, always available for a chat and quick with their feedback. We brainstormed school options that were the best fit for my profile. With their guidance, I was able to tell my story in a compelling way. My writing improved significantly – there was a big difference between my first few drafts and the final essays. I can safely say that working with The Red Pen team was a great decision and would definitely recommend them to all who are applying for an MBA.

INSEAD | Class of 2017

I was passionate about attending a business school in the US and wanted to put my best foot forward to gain admission. Testimonials of past clients, currently placed in top US schools, convinced me that The Red Pen offered the best resources to achieve my goal.

The Red Pen has an in-depth understanding of the Indian education system and the existing professional environment along with the expectations of the US business school. They helped me explore my experiences, which at first I didn’t necessarily think were important, prodding me to present my stories and application in the best possible manner so that I could stand out in a competitive pool. I am really thankful to The Red Pen for being my guide and companion through this entire journey. I could not have made it without their support.

Stanford Graduate School of Business | Class of 2018

After an unsuccessful attempt at applying to business schools the previous year, I chose The Red Pen because of their in-depth knowledge about each school. During my first conversation with Vrinda and Amy, I was very impressed with the way they differentiated one school from the other. This helped me with understanding my fit and I could be better prepared when I started an application.

Additionally, The Red Pen helped me pace my application efforts so that I did not fall short of deadlines. They were frank, very involved and highly approachable. I particularly liked the aspect of multiple people looking at every part of my application; giving me multiple viewpoints, helping me position my story so that I could write my essays effectively. Their support and advice played a big role in me getting into Columbia Business School.

Columbia Business School | Class of 2018

I was accepted to one of my top choice schools with full scholarship and cannot thank The Red Pen enough! With a GMAT score on the lower side, I approached TRP to strengthen the rest of my application. I was very impressed by my discussion with team members about my profile, and understood what I needed to focus on primarily. The process is quite rigorous and they gave me the confidence very early on that I would be working with a group of experienced professionals. Two of the most impressive qualities about TRP are their timelines and their crystal clear instructions. They delved deep into my background before we started working on my essays, which helped me understand what to highlight. TRP was also excellent in short-listing my school choices and gave great feedback on where I would have a strong chance of getting in. I strongly recommend TRP as MBA admission consultants for their knowledge, experience, and utmost professionalism.

John Hopkins Carey Business School | Class of 2019

My MBA application journey spanned 3 years and 11 applications (7 without TRP and 4 with TRP). I was only able to get up to the interview stage and could not convert any top schools in the first 2 years, despite having good work experience, a GMAT score of 750 and an undergrad brand (IIT Madras). Finally, thanks to TRP’s structured approach, a great lead consultant and dedicated teams for various components of the application, I got interviews with Wharton and LBS and eventually, an admit from LBS.

Since LBS MBA was a re-application for me, TRP advised me on how to showcase the progress I have made since my last application. Another aspect that makes TRP unique is the approach of their lead consultants; they go beyond just editing and reviewing the essays we send. Garima was like my friend and mentor with whom I could bounce off any ideas pertaining to the interview or application process and take her inputs. Garima’s research on the interview format and the interviewer helped me to a great extent in preparing for my interview.

London Business School | Class of 2020

I started my MBA application process with The Red Pen in October. Since I was slightly late in the application process, there were troubles in the beginning but the process turned out to be extremely smooth in the end. I thank the team for their professional services and for giving me an exceptional lead consultant. The team helped me carve our my story well, gave me great insights on my letters of recommendation and worked with me on my resume. Thank you for all your services The Red Pen and all the best for your future endeavours!

Kelley School of Business at Indiana University | Class of 2021

The Red Pen is a very professional set up, with a few key advantages over other consultants:
Outside the box: The team at The Red Pen makes a greater effort to understand and work with each applicant’s story, resulting in a more authentic, less cookie-cutter application.

Good to great: The Red Pen takes your essay from good to great by suggesting more interesting approaches to tell your stories. They understand what each school looks for, and help you tailor your essay accordingly. They also significantly improve the finesse and style of the final product.

Valuable network: The team at The Red Pen has deep networks within the MBA community, ie, specialist consultants, alums, current students, university officers, top employers, etc. Applicants can leverage this vast network to improve their application or understand their target schools better.

I’d recommend The Red Pen to candidates who want to take their applications to the next level and gain an extra edge over the competition.

Columbia Business School | Class of 2019

My background – consulting at BCG for 3 years, former member of Nomura’s corporate strategy team, typical IIT engineer profile, average CGPA (7.7) and GMAT (730) — made me wary about applying to top tier MBA programs. Now, having been admitted to both Haas and Wharton, I really see the benefit of The Red Pen’s structured approach, perspective, services and networks.

I had heard about The Red Pen from my friend who had a similar profile and had been accepted to Columbia Business School. When I spoke to them, what really stood out for me was how they support candidates at every stage of the application process. Their onboarding session helped me examine loose ends in my thinking and stories and laid a solid foundation for my business school application.

The multiple reviews of my essay drafts by multiple consultants were useful and unique in my experience. We practiced for my interviews with Booth and Haas in Round 1, and Stanford and Wharton in Round 2. Their feedback helped me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and gave me the confidence to project my opinions during the interview.

My lead consultant put me in touch with an alumnus at Stanford before I started the process and at Booth before my interview. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend an information session organized by TRP with an admissions officer from Columbia Business School in Mumbai. All of these interactions were invaluable in increasing my understanding of these schools and what they were looking for!

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2019

The Red Pen had a very structured approach, with a specialist for each part of the application. Penning down my goals and how a business school fit in those was not an easy task for me. My lead consultant took the time to understand my story, reviews and refined the essays and helped me portray my story in a compelling manner. The practice Wharton Team-Based Discussion was also something I benefited from. I was quite anxious as group discussion was not really my forte. The Red Pen arranged a mock session with the shortlisted students and provided a flavour of the actual session, which helped soothe my nerves, and give my best shot at the actual TBD. I would definitely recommend The Red Pen’s services to all students applying to business schools.

The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2021

At The Red Pen, you’ll see that MBA consultants grow to be your friends, rather than just professional acquaintances. They work with you from the outset, helping you understand who you are, what your goals are and what school is right for you through a series of candid conversations, not letting go of your hand until you’ve achieved what you want! Their professionalism in terms of approachability, promptness and feedback is admirable.

I worked with The Red Pen for my applications to The Wharton School and Columbia Business School. I’m pleased to say that their guidance helped me shape my experiences into a compelling story, thus getting me acceptances into both schools.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2019

A big thank you to you all. You helped me to understand myself so much better in that initial meeting we had. Frankly, I wasn’t considering Ross in the beginning. And now, it looks like the perfect fit. I’m excited to get in!

My conversation with Michael Lippert from Ross adcom was really helpful in learning about the school and building rapport. All the other help during the entire process, with reviews and information along the way, has also been key to getting over the wire. The calls to discuss my essays, the application reviews and most of all, the confidence boosts a day before the interviews! A shout out to the rest of the behind-the-scenes team as well! I may not know them but I know they made it their goal to help me achieve mine.

Ross School of Business | Class of 2019

As someone who has been brought up in a traditional environment, going to college was a great experience which allowed me to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. After my undergraduate degree, I planned to start an e-commerce platform to sell groceries but had several troubles along the way, including a lack of market research and competitor awareness. This led us to shift to the B2B market, where we provided groceries to restaurants and were relatively successful. However, this experience drove me to pursue a formal business education, since I realised a strong industry network and quality work experience is important for an entrepreneur. Since I come from an unconventional background, several people suggested against applying to top business schools in the US, but I was determined to share my story with the best in the world. The team-based approach, as well as my elder brother’s admission to an M7 business with The Red Pen, was why I chose to work with them. From building an impressive resume and self-reflecting for essays to identifying the right people for recommendations and preparing for interviews, I worked with experts from The Red Pen team and was able to present a strong case to the admission committee. Finally, I got into Columbia Business School, which was my first choice, and received two scholarships from the school that cover over 85% of my tuition fee. I cannot thank the team enough for being extremely supportive and patient and for helping me present my story well.

Columbia Business School | Class of 2021

During my time working with The Red Pen, what stood out to me was the team-based approach. I received inputs from multiple people which helped me fine-tune my application. My lead consultant guided me throughout the process and inspired me to think big. Through the brainstorming session, my consultant helped me reflect on my experiences, bring out my personality and the unique elements of my story, enabling me to dramatically improve my essays. Overall, the process was methodical and streamlined.

NYU Stern School of Business | Class of 2022

Coming from an over-represented demographic pool, I was very nervous going into the MBA application process, but The Red Pen helped me immensely. When applying to multiple schools, it becomes very difficult to track all the things you have to do and you are unsure of receiving the right feedback from friends and family. The Red Pen team first helped me with my school selection and provided me with the pros and cons of different schools as well as the things I should take into account while selecting schools. I then discussed my career goals and brainstormed the contents of my essays with my consultant. We went through multiple episodes in my life, episodes that I would have otherwise not think of as significant. With their help, my essays were not only polished and rounded but were also an honest reflection of who I am as a person. After being accepted for interviews, I had multiple mock interviews and received valuable feedback. It felt that The Red Pen team were mu partners in the whole application process and would definitely recommend them for anyone who is aiming to gain admission to the top business schools.

NYU Stern School of Business | Class of 2022

I approached The Red Pen for my MBA applications after my friend ‘highly’ recommended them. Initially, my dream to pursue an MBA seemed far fetched as I wasn’t quite confident on how to stand out with my profile. The Red Pen team came to the rescue for every part of my application. I am thankful for their tremendous support throughout the entire process, their professionalism and unparalleled work ethics. From understanding my goals to getting to know me as a person, I felt they invested a lot in my personal growth while drafting my applications. The genuine concern for my motive to do an MBA, the perfectionist approach towards every single draft and the honest feedback helped me present my story brilliantly. The team was amazing to work with from the start to the end. The ‘to the point’ edits and straight forward approach to LORs helped me build a powerful and true narrative for my applications. The time the entire team spent with me is worth every penny. HEC Paris was part of my ‘dream schools list’. I couldn’t have been happier and more satisfied with the entire process. The Red Pen has acted more like a mentor throughout my entire MBA journey. Thank you for all your efforts!

HEC Paris | Class of 2021

Despite having a competent academic background, I had a non-traditional and meandering professional background. Hence, it was vital for me to stitch together a cohesive story in order to develop a strong application. Amongst all the admission consultants I conversed with, I found The Red Pen to have the right mix of competency and pricing. I worked with them on four applications and found that their storyboarding framework raised the right questions that prompted me to self-introspect and helped get my story together. However, what really helped me was their Essay Editing Services. Despite being a strong writer, I saw my applications go through multiple iterations driven by my consultant’s constructive feedback. Additionally, her keen eye for detail enabled me to get even the minutiae of the applications right. Moreover, I also tend to delay things to the last minute and my applications wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for her constant push. She paced the application process such that I always had a few days in hand before the deadline, something that was invaluable. Lastly, she was prompt and was always available throughout the process. I highly recommend The Red Pen.

Darden School of Business | Class of 2022

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to The Red Pen team for enlightening me during my MBA application process. Confirming a consultant was a big decision for me, since a lot of time, effort and money were at stake. After speaking to multiple consultants, my goal and ambition were rightly captured by The Red Pen. Due to their experience, I was encouraged to aim for the best schools and not settle. My lead consultant diligently streamlined various steps of the MBA application process. Their detailed GTKY session, where they uncovered every minute detail of my personal and professional career so far, was a unique experience for me. All these details were later aptly used in my MBA applications. The Red Pen also took me through several mock interviews before going for the final interview. I have learned a lifelong lesson on how to best present myself, not just as an MBA applicant, but for the entirety of my career.

HEC Paris | Class of 2022

Navigating the MBA application process can be very intimidating and exhausting. Working with The Red Pen provided me with the support I needed to get through it. Right from helping me shortlist my target schools, to crafting my application strategy and answering my numerous questions, The Red Pen was extremely proactive and gave me candid feedback at every step of the process. I would not have been able to produce an application of such quality without their guidance, and I am certain that my admission to Stern would not have been possible without them. I owe The Red Pen a big thank you for all their help in getting me here.

NYU Stern School of Business | Class of 2022

The Red Pen helped me turn my application from mediocre into something much stronger. I don’t think I could’ve gotten an admission offer without their guidance. The Red Pen’s consultants are all extremely qualified professionals; my lead consultant was from one of the world’s best business schools. The feedback I got on my essays, resume, and recommendation letters were very pointed. Ultimately, The Red Ped helped me craft a very good story that aptly reflected my motivations and interests.

Indian School of Business | Class of 2021

I consulted The Red Pen for mock interviews and group discussions during my MBA application process. The sessions were very well organised and the feedback provided during the sessions was very specific, which helped me refine my approach. This helped me get an admit to my b-school of choice: Wharton.

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Class of 2023

Although I was very nervous when I started my MBA application process, The Red Pen’s approach gave me the confidence to articulate my feelings and produce a successful application. Having an experienced lead consultant ready to guide me at different points in the process was instrumental in ensuring that every detail was thought through, that my experiences were well integrated, and my overall story was highlighted. The end-to-end support, from brainstorming at the beginning all the way up to the final interview, was a great source of comfort in the midst of tight timelines.

Harvard Business School | Class of 2021

Undergraduate Admissions

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I was impressed by the fact that The Red Pen spent a lot of time trying to get to know my daughter and her personality before working on her essays. They were also very accommodating and flexible – given all the deadlines. And finally the quality of the work was excellent.

University of Cambridge | Class of 2015

I had the privilege of attending the essay writing workshop hosted by Kavita and Kim and it was extremely useful in helping me get a better idea of what colleges expect in the essays on the Common Application and supplemental applications. The workshop helped bring greater clarity to essay topic selection, structuring and focus areas.

Stanford University | Class of 2016

Kavita and Kimberly are so friendly and they immediately make you feel so comfortable before you get on the daunting task of writing application essays. It was a great learning curve and we definitely got great insights into improving our writing skills. They are very prompt with their feedback which prevents long hiatus between versions.

University of Richmond | Class of 2016

Working with the Red Pen was a wonderful experience. Not only did Kim and Kavita keep me on my toes during the application process, but also they became my lifetime mentors. Kim and Kavita make a great team and ensured that my application was the best it could be. I remember constantly working on my essays with them; we exchanged draft after draft until I felt they were perfect. I know I couldn’t have done it without them! Thank you Kim and Kavita for all your support!

Indiana University | Class of 2016

When I started the essay process, I was confused and unable to structure my thoughts. The Red Pen team helped me to put my thoughts on paper and improve my essay writing. At first, I was reluctant to share my ideas, but the consultants were extremely friendly and soon put me at ease. The team was always ready to brainstorm ideas for the essay prompts and I found their input immensely helpful.

University of Michigan | Class of 2019

It was an amazing experience to work with The Red Pen. Whenever I felt lethargic about my applications, the team rallied around and motivated me to complete them. They helped me understand the different application requirements and explained what was expected in each component. I knew I could count on their support, even in the eleventh hour. They understood what I was trying to convey in my essays and helped me express my ideas succinctly. Thanks to the team effort, I felt great about the application I submitted.

Bryant University | Class of 2019

The universities, via their essays, intend to judge the applicants and figure out as much as they can about the student’s personality and background. This makes the essays an extremely important aspect of the application. So, how does a first time applicant know what to write and what not to write?

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign | Class of 2016

I could not have asked for better counselors than Kim and Kavita as I started working on my undergraduate applications for the US. Their strongest qualities are their in-depth knowledge of the American university system and the personalized approach they give to each applicant. Though the ideas and content for the essay prompts were mine, Kim and Kavita reviewed multiple drafts and did not consider anything final until I was completely satisfied. They were extremely supportive at a critical time and always accessible.

University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2018

Thanks to The Red Pen team, my approach to the application process changed completely. They helped me shortlist colleges not merely based on rankings or prestige, but based on how well they fit my profile and future goals. They helped me frame my resume, in fact, my entire application, to reflect who I am as a person and highlight my strengths instead of trying to shape it into a typical “perfect Indian college application” template. The 20-something college essays, which seemed daunting at first, became a lot less intimidating with their support. They motivated me to work on each essay and helped transform them from an unorganized heap of words to beautifully written college essays. The entire team was always accessible throughout the application cycle and made the process so much easier for me and my family!

Tulane University | Class of 2020

Working with The Red Pen was an absolute delight. Not only did they understand what I wanted to express in my application, but they also helped me express it in the most crisp and intelligible fashion. Most importantly, it was such a pleasure working with them. They were always supportive and ever ready to help out.

Stanford University | Class of 2015

The Red Pen team was extremely adept throughout my college admissions process. We developed a plan and the consultants helped me strategically select universities that would best suit my profile. Their constant help and advice was encouraging. I would not have been able to get into such prestigious universities if it wasn’t for their effort!

New York University (NYU) | Class of 2019

It was a huge privilege to work with The Red Pen! What sets them apart from other counselors is the genuine effort they put in getting to know you. By establishing a mutual understanding, The Red Pen team helped me identify the qualities that should be highlighted in my applications. This is especially important for top universities where test scores alone can’t possibly determine admissions. In addition, the team’s top-notch dedication motivated me to work even harder and within deadlines. Staying focused and organized are essential elements needed to ace US admissions and working with The Red Pen automatically pushes you to be the best that you can be!!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) | Class of 2019

The Red Pen was without a doubt the turning point for my application to colleges in the US. Today, it is nearly impossible for me to even imagine acceptance to top-notch universities without their guidance. We discussed my essays extensively and at the end, I was able to deliver the very best of my own writing. This also ensured that my essays accurately reflected the person I am, something that is a must for any applicant.

Their attention to detail and logistics – from compiling my extracurricular activities in an organized fashion and grammatical details, to reporting the correct examination grades – was absolutely unmatchable. The fact that they were always accessible, whether over the phone or Skype – made it so much easier for me to expedite the whole process.

Stanford University | Class of 2019

Working with The Red Pen team has been an incredible experience! My consultants spent time getting to know me before starting on the application process. My 2000-word brainstorming document became a central part of my applications. We talked about each college; understanding the culture made it easier for me to write unique essays for every college. They were diligent about the quality of my essays: I wrote about 13 drafts of my common app essay!

The Red Pen team members were always accessible. They helped me break my boundaries by pushing me to work harder and present my best. As someone who was juggling school work and extracurricular activities, the US admissions process seemed daunting. But, we strategized logistics and the team helped me stay on top of the different timelines and deadlines for each application. If you are embarking on your college journey, you can’t find a more trusted counsellor and good friend than The Red Pen.

Vanderbilt University | Class of 2021

I approached The Red Pen on the advice of family friends. I felt confident that TRP could help me get into one of my top university choices. When I started, I was unaware of how lengthy and cumbersome the application process was going to be. The co-ordination and co-operation from the team, gave me the much needed push I needed to ensure I remained focused and on track. TRP helped me clarify my thoughts, prioritize my requirements and target university list.

I was very worried about the uncertain political conditions in the US. TRP helped me explore other destinations, discussed alternative options and conducted research. In the end, I decided to stick with my original plans of studying in the US instead of giving into my fear; I am thankful for that!

Santa Clara University | Class of 2021

During my UK application process, The Red Pen consultants helped me with my personal statement. Their comments and suggestions with each draft were especially useful to me in formulating a good statement. The team helped me in selecting my final five colleges, taking into account my interests and grades. Their suggestions were excellent; some of which I would have never known about or considered applying to. Thank you for helping me secure offers from most of my colleges and more importantly, for being so approachable throughout the process!

University of Bath | Class of 2019

I heard about The Red Pen from a friend, who had received acceptances from several top universities. Impressed by his glowing recommendation, I decided that I too would seek their expertise in helping me achieve my dream of a US education. I was impressed by how the team personalized the process to align with my needs. The Red Pen counsellors were particularly indispensable in reviewing my drafts and providing constructive criticism, which made my essays flow effortlessly. Kim, Namita and Priyanka were pillars of support during this stressful time, entertaining questions and solving problems at all hours of the day. They were in touch regularly; making sure that my applications were on track. The team’s wholehearted engagement in the process helped me achieve phenomenal results – I was admitted to my dream university with full financial aid! I admire The Red Pen’s commitment and meticulous attention to detail and I’m certain that their guidance would prove invaluable to those who seek it.

Vanderbilt University | Class of 2021

The Red Pen team helped our son through the intense college essay process. The team made it easier for him to sift through dense material on the web about the different colleges. They worked with him through summer, as he is a boarding student at TASIS, brainstorming ideas and reviewing essay drafts. There were times that it all got frustrating for our son, but the team was very encouraging.

TRP helped him prepare for interviews with Middlebury and Washington University. It was an enormous and challenging process, but with TRP behind him, he completed, and got a spot at Boston University as an Early Decision II applicant. We could not have been happier, as BU was one of his top choices.

Boston University | Class of 2021

I heard about The Red Pen from family and friends. Working with them over the course of a year has been a remarkable journey, a journey from which, I was able to learn a lot. TRP has a personal touch, their complete attention on each student. They are very approachable and are always available to clear any questions that may arise. I believe their personalized service and attentiveness are their strengths. I recall spending several hours in their office, in the week before the December regular deadline, reviewing my applications and essays until I was completely satisfied. The team gave me detailed feedback when it came to choosing colleges and my essays, and helped me put forward the best possible application!

Boston University | Class of 2021

There are so many things I admire about The Red Pen’s approach to the whole admissions process. The team advised me of the college/program options that would match my profile. Their insights into the admissions process were vital in helping me personalize my applications. I am passionate about gadgets, tennis and magic and it was important for me to present my projects in the best possible light. We explored my hobbies and the team helped me showcase my unique interests and personality throughout the materials. Once my applications were submitted, we put in considerable effort preparing for interviews. The Red Pen team also stepped in to assist me with the applications for the Georgia Tech Presidential Scholarship and the UC Berkeley Honors program. They were always available – it has been an absolute pleasure to work with The Red Pen.

Harvard University | Class of 2019

I went to several college counselors before deciding which one to commit to – and ended up choosing The Red Pen because of their unique approach to the application process. They focused on all the basic elements and beyond – rather than just the resume and the essays. They made me aware of the hidden components, which really make or break the application.

My essays were edited with great attention to detail, and with each new draft came a clearer picture of my persona. I learnt that it’s important to be specific about your personality, interests and achievements in each area of the application – because your app only gets a few minutes before the AdCom makes its decision. You have to make sure you don’t miss out anything – and The Red Pen team really took care of that.

They encouraged me at every step, and supported every decision I made – which really helped. The college process is daunting anyway – a little belief in your decisions relieves you of some of the burden! The fact that they let me make all the decisions and do most of the work gave me a sense of responsibility and helped me discover what I truly wanted out of the coming four years. Namita, Kim and Ashmi are from different backgrounds in terms of where they studied and what they studied – just like the admissions officers. Their varied perspectives and suggestions on each essay really helped carve a unique, highly specific and well thought-out application for me. I was excited about sending my applications out because I knew there was no leaf they had left unturned.

I would highly recommend The Red Pen to people applying abroad for undergraduate studies whether you know everything about the process or not – because they’ll definitely open your eyes to something you aren’t aware of which will make your application more complete, more special and more YOU.

Barnard College | Class of 2021

Thank you so much, couldn’t have done it without The Red Pen. I’ve finalised with WPI and they’re giving me 12,000 dollars scholarship per year! I chose TRP because I had really good reviews from friends and because I knew that I would get valuable advice from counsellors who have studied in the US; my lead counsellor, was a Harvard graduate. What I like about TRP is that they are very organized and help you plan each step of the application process, right from subject selection to shortlisting universities to setting deadlines to completing your application. They were extremely dedicated, making sure that my essays and other parts of my application reached a certain standard. I can definitely say TRP played a major role in helping me secure admission to my first choice university.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute | Class of 2021

It has been a pleasure working with The Red Pen! I first heard about TRP during an essay writing workshop. It was clear that what differentiated The Red Pen’s approach from others’ was the team’s attention to detail and their ability to give meaningful feedback. Getting feedback from several consultants on the team was great because it gave me different perspectives to work with.

When an essay was poorly written or a topic wasn’t working, the team wouldn’t hesitate to tell me so, allowing me to improve. With TRP’s guidance I also compiled work samples for my portfolio and prepared thoroughly for my interviews. They were incredibly flexible throughout the process; what stood out for me was the encouragement I got from the team.

Yale University | Class of 2021

The Red Pen team comprises of professionals who are well versed with the application process and will guide you every step of the way. They are very pleasant to work with and were prompt with responses to our doubts and queries, which were many, considering how arduous the application process is. Their greatest strength is that they work as a team and put in a huge amount of effort to make sure that your application is well rounded with no loose ends. We were lucky to have them by our side during this very crucial time.

Barnard College | Class of 2021

It is easy for a student to get lost with all the submissions and tests at school. Especially if you’re an IB student, your mind is all over the place. In such a situation, you need someone like The Red Pen to guide you through the rigorous application process. A good university application has many small components that make you stand out and The Red Pen makes sure that you present your best version through your application. In my experience, the guidance counsellors were available to help 24*7 and happily answered the silliest of questions. I was told to rewrite my common application essay 5 times before both the team and I were satisfied with it. I am extremely satisfied with my application and I do not believe I would have been able to do it without The Red Pen.

Boston University | Class of 2022

Thank you TRP for guiding me through the entire process. The team was very accommodating – helping me brainstorm and stay on top of various tasks that needed to be completed throughout the process; patiently helping me work through my college choices in the UK and US, even as I changed my mind about where to apply Early Decision, and encouraging me to complete all the essays in spite of my slow writing skills without compromising on quality. I found it easy to work with the team and when I was in Hong Kong or the US we worked via email and zoom, which was very productive.

Harvard University | Class of 2022

The Red Pen team gave tremendous time and effort to my applications something I feel really distinguishes them from others. Stanford would not have been possible without their guidance! I started this journey with no idea about the things I needed to do for applying abroad. With The Red Pen’s help I was able to prepare a comprehensive timeline of activities and select colleges that would be a great fit for me, in the US and Singapore. Collaborating remotely with the team was never an issue.

When it came to writing the college essays, the team helped me brainstorm ideas and reviewed my drafts to ensure that I was communicating my experiences effectively. I found their team-based approach very useful, because I had the benefit of feedback from multiple consultants. I participated in mock interviews in preparation for meeting alumni from different universities. By the end, I was able to speak more confidently and articulate my thoughts in a more structured and purposeful manner.

Stanford University | Class of 2021

I would like to thank The Red Pen team for helping me get into The University of Kansas with a full scholarship. It seemed like an impossible task at first, but with expert advice from Caran, I was able to make this dream come true. I learned so much about myself throughout the application process and I truly feel the University of Kansas will be a great match for me. It feels amazing to have got into the Honors program with full financial aid!

The University of Kansas | Class of 2022

The Red Pen’s guidance has been one of the most instrumental factors in securing my admission to my dream college. I was not only able to benefit from my counselor’s previous experience as an admissions officer, but also from receiving my essay feedback from individuals who have worked and studied at renowned institutions such as Oxford University and Stanford University. The team helped me focus on all the basic elements of my application and also ensured my unique journey was highlighted and brought to the forefront of the application. The level of detail and care that went into each aspect of my application was impeccable and contributed greatly to being admitted to my top choice college.

Claremont McKenna College | Class of 2023

Balancing college applications and schoolwork as an art student can be a daunting task, especially in regards to working on a portfolio which matches the requirements of a range of different programs. On choosing which colleges to apply to, The Red Pen was tremendously beneficial in helping me formulate a timeline of when I should get my SAT attempts done, start working on my Common App essay and finalise my college portfolio so I always had a clear idea of what I needed to work on and where I was headed next. My counsellor was always enthusiastic to discuss potential ideas for college essays or to clarify any doubts that I or my mother might have had. The Red Pen made the college application process much less stress-inducing and much more exciting, as it should be!

School of the Art Institute of Chicago | Class of 2023

What I really liked about working with The Red Pen was how they took out time to understand me, so that they could tailor all their advice and counselling to fit my needs. This helped me make good choices in terms of colleges and early applications, which resulted in my acceptance to Washington University in St. Louis. The application process has so many parts that it’s easy to get confused but the organization and planning from The Red Pen’s end just made everything seem so clear. I would like to thank The Red Pen for their guidance during the process!

Washington University in St. Louis | Class of 2023

It was great fun working through the college application process with The Red Pen. I cannot imagine coming up with such great essays without your help and I don’t think words can express the gratitude I feel for the effort that was put into my application from the team.

University of California, Davis | Class of 2023

The college application process can be daunting, but thanks to the assistance I got from The Red Pen, I think I was able to successfully decode this process. Decoding the university-specific questions or deciding the focus of your common app essay is not an easy task, but the lengthy discussions with my consultant, along with the brainstorming sessions, really helped me understand what aspect of my journey would appeal most to admissions committees. Overall, I had an excellent experience working with The Red Pen.

University of Southern California | Class of 2023

Our association with The Red Pen has been wonderful. When we engaged them first for my son’s undergraduate studies, it was a blind leap of faith as I got to know them just through internet. I can say now that it was one of the best decisions I have made, as they provided sound, informed and professional advice. In fact, the university identified by them, as the best fit from the start, NYUAD, was the one that our son chose at the end. I will be believing in them once again for deferred MBA programmes. It was worth every penny spent, strongly recommend their services.

New York University Abu Dhabi | Class of 2021

Between the hectic schedules of senior year and the IB curriculum itself, I found myself not knowing how much to focus on college applications versus my schoolwork. This is where The Red Pen came in, words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards the entire team. Not only did they patiently provide feedback on my endless drafts of essays, but they also ensured my voice was maintained in every edit. The research we conducted together ultimately meant that each college on my final list ticked every box I had (and there were a lot of boxes). Even switching of majors halfway through the process didn’t derail my progress. Thanks to The Red Pen, I was able to get into all five of the universities I applied to, without compromising my academics, or extracurriculars! I am grateful for their endless patience, guidance, and support. I sing their praises everywhere – if you need guidance for your applications The Red Pen is truly the only place to go.

Cass Business School | Class of 2022

With all my school work, the timely submission of college applications and essays seemed daunting, but with The Red Pen’s encouragement and planning, I was able to manage my time effectively. My lead consultant especially was always ready to help me with any queries. From shortlisting colleges to sending applications, The Red Pen has stood beside me at each of these steps!

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | Class of 2023

I would like to thank The Red Pen for the advice that they have given regarding exploring my interests. I previously had a narrow vision of my education and speaking to them was an enriching experience. This aided me in making the crucial decision of choosing the next step of my education. My inclination towards research has increased further and I no longer want to focus on pure engineering. I am much clearer and I know how to improve my resume for the future!

University of Mumbai | Class of 2020

Growing up in Kenya and then studying in a UK boarding school, it wasn’t easy when I had to figure out a story that portrayed my personality for my common application essay. But after a couple of brainstorming sessions with The Red Pen, I found out exactly what I wanted to write which could convey my diverse background. Given the time difference that we were required to navigate through, the team that I worked with were always available. There were no complaints and the work, including college research and essays, got executed efficiently. I got through all the application work before the early deadlines, leaving me enough time to focus on my final grades and extracurricular activities. I am so grateful that I worked with The Red Pen that I keep recommending them to anyone who wants help with their application journey.

Santa Clara University | Class of 2023

It was great fun working through the college application process with The Red Pen. I could not imagine coming up with such great essays without their help and I don’t think words can express the gratitude I feel for the effort that was put into my application from the team.

University of California, Davis | Class of 2024

A year ago, I had no idea that I would be applying to competitive universities across the world. I would like to thank The Red Pen for reading my essays, re-reading my essays, preparing me for interviews, shortlisting colleges, listening to me ramble for over an hour on calls and most importantly, for understanding me – my hopes, goals, and personality! I’m so lucky to have had the support I’ve had. I am incredibly proud, happy, and excited that I was a part of this journey – to meet interviewers, to write some extremely cathartic essays, and to self-reflect on my academic, intellectual, emotional journeys. Thank you for drawing not only the words but the attitude and strength needed for this process from me. Finally, thank you for supporting me through the journey of applying to almost a dozen different scholarship programs, for making me feel confident throughout the process, and supporting me while I made a final decision. I truly am so happy!

University of Toronto | Class of 2024

As a senior in a UK boarding school, I was juggling academics and extracurriculars. This made it difficult to navigate through the application process on my own. That is where The Red Pen came in. From adjusting their schedule with mine and brainstorming ideas for essays to helping me find colleges in California and Florida, the team did everything they could to ensure that I had a smooth journey. What mattered to me was that they listened to what I wanted and tailored their advice accordingly. I had to go through several edits for my essays but the end results were exactly what I wanted to portray. I am glad I worked with The Red Pen and would recommend them to all those looking for assistance during the application process.

Santa Clara University | Class of 2024

I am extremely grateful to The Red Pen. Not only did they help me with my college applications, but also because of the insights their questions and prompts gave me about myself. They were, of course, wonderful mentors throughout the application process and were able to recognise things that I may want to highlight about myself in my application that otherwise, I would not have even considered. My team of consultants never let me feel neglected or disappointed in any way and were completely focused on helping me make my application a truer reflection of myself.

Ashoka University | Class of 2023

I think one of the most daunting elements of any application is the writing component which includes the common application essay and the university-specific questions. It is with immense gratitude that I thank the entire team at The Red Pen, especially my lead consultant who helped me come up with cohesive pieces that included all of my scattered thoughts and ideas; there were so many! The ISC itself was a huge commitment and it is only due to the constant communication and encouragement of the team that I was able to complete my application and get accepted into a college that matched my specifications. Right from panicked calls during the Early Action period to the final call, The Red Pen team has been tremendously supportive and patient. The Red Pen team is very approachable and I highly recommended them.

The University of British Columbia | Class of 2024

I reached out to The Red Pen a bit late in the application cycle; I was apprehensive when I met the Lead Consultant. I was pleasantly surprised that she was ready with all the important data points of my application in our first meeting. I appreciated the fact that she had studied my profile and was well-prepared to discuss all my options with me. She was very open to my ideas and opinions, was very knowledgeable and in that first meeting itself, she helped me narrow down colleges I should apply to. She supported my decision to apply to my dream college and was always encouraging and interactive in her discussions with me. Along with her and the Content Specialist, I brainstormed my common application essay. They were very patient and empathetic about the story I wanted to narrate and spent hours with me, helping me focus on the right aspects of my narrative. This spurred me to write an emotionally difficult, but very satisfying story, which they helped me to hone to perfection. Their help for the college supplementary essays was also invaluable. They guided me on what aspects I should focus on, and what would resonate best. I would particularly like to mention that I could reach out to the team at all times, and they answered my queries patiently. I am very grateful to The Red Pen for all their help and support in my journey to college.

University of Waterloo | Class of 2024

I started working with The Red Pen only two months before the application deadlines and my experience was amazing. I had a strong interest in the music business but I wasn’t sure which countries offered great courses. I had shortlisted the Berklee School of Music as my dream school (like several other students) and was also keen on applying to universities in Australia. Through several discussions with The Red Pen, I decided to keep my options open and apply to universities in different countries as well. After I decided to apply to the UK, I realized that the University of Westminster in London was the right choice for me. Through every step of the way, my lead consultant supported me, answered all my questions, guided me in the right direction and helped me get into the programme of my choice. A big thank you to The Red Pen in helping me achieving my goals, and helping me enjoy the stressful process of applying to college!

University of Westminster | Class of 2021

Between the rigorous pressure of the IBDP curriculum and participating in extracurricular activities, I initially found the application process difficult to cope with as there were so many aspects that needed my focus. That is where The Red Pen came in. Not only did they guide me through the entire process but also gave me advice specific to my passion and goals. They helped me find my voice through my essays which authentically told my story – something I wouldn’t have been able to figure on my own. The team was always available for me at all times and extremely efficient.

University of Toronto | Class of 2025

The Red Pen came to my rescue at a time when I was succumbing to the pressures of the IBDP curriculum and the application process. They helped me with my research on colleges, courses, internships, clubs as well as with my ED2 decision to apply to my dream college, Sarah Lawrence. Every time I found myself at a crossroads, they took time to sit down with me and handhold me through the entire process. Even with my essays, I was given direction and wrote several drafts which effectively highlighted me and the person I am. I will always be grateful to The Red Pen for their kind guidance and genuinely believe they are the best people to go to if you need any help with college applications.

Sarah Lawrence College | Class of 2024

I selected The Red Pen as my cousin had worked with them in the past and enjoyed the experience. My consultant helped me through this process, especially with all the problems that I faced in this tiring yet fun process. One aspect that The Red Pen really assisted me was with the college essays. Honestly, I felt that this was the most difficult part of the application process, however, their presence made it easier for me and their constant support was incredible. The Red Pen also helped me to get a clear view of my career preference along with colleges that best fit my needs. This was followed by one-on-one attention from my consultant and the entire team which helped me a lot. I appreciate all the help from The Red Pen team and this process would not have been possible without them!

Boston University | Class of 2023

The Red Pen’s constant support and guidance helped me get into one of the world’s best colleges for business. They took time to understand me and my needs, and my lead consultant was extremely resourceful. She helped me pick the best colleges and led me to apply Early Decision to my college. The essay-writing support was great because of their professional and structured advice. I would like to thank everyone at The Red Pen for helping me achieve my goal!

New York University, Leonard Stern School Of Business | Class of 2023

I can unequivocally say that The Red Pen has been extremely committed, focused, and professional towards all of our needs. One of the most distinct qualities of my daughter’s counsellor was that she was a tireless, responsible professional of the highest integrity. Her primary focus was meeting our requirements rather than upholding a strict list of terms and conditions. Her experience of studying in the UK and valuable inputs in identifying universities and courses were incredibly useful. My daughter finished all of her applications by November, after which she could focus on her board exams. The entire application process was well paced out. Finally, she received admits from all the UK universities that she had applied to, along with Hong Kong University. The Red Pen has clearly exceeded our expectations.

Hong Kong Univeristy | Class of 2022

Throughout my academic journey, The Red Pen’s unwavering support and guidance enabled me to ace the admissions process. Through their countless seminars and workshops, I was able to highlight and improve several key skills. Along with this, their approachable nature and ability to solve all my doubts and queries supported my journey tremendously. Their patience and diligence have eventually helped me to get into the University of Wisconsin-Madison with my tuition fees waived! I’m truly grateful and thankful to The Red Pen and all the expertise and experience that has come along with this caring and thoughtful community. There is no other institution that I would have entrusted my college applications with other than The Red Pen.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison | Class of 2023

The entire college application process seemed extremely daunting at first. After two rather anxious meetings with different counsellors, I met with The Red Pen, who made me believe that I could pull this off. The team helped me set up a detailed roadmap and highlighted crucial deadlines. This helped me stay on track in the midst of all the chaos. The team constantly rallied around me and worked tirelessly with me throughout the process. Their constant support and guidance helped me get into my dream college.

Loyola Marymount University | Class of 2024

Choosing The Red Pen as my educational consultant was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My counsellor and content specialist were exceptional. They were supportive, appreciative, and encouraging throughout!! Right from the moment I joined The Red Pen family, I felt the comfort and I am so glad that I had them throughout to help me get into my dream university! I’d definitely recommend you to reach them out!! Truly exceptional!

Babson University | Class of 2025

My experience working with The Red Pen was phenomenal. They not only helped me pick the right colleges to apply to, but helped me perfect my application all-around. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I wouldn’t be where I am in my education and career without the expertise of the good people at The Red Pen.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Class of 2020

The Red Pen were extremely helpful and I’m so glad I had them by my side through this entire process. They were a much needed pillar of support. My counsellor answered every single query with extreme patience and understanding, while getting to know my needs and requirements without any judgments. My SOP/PS turned out the best because of the enormous help I received from them. I have them to credit for my university admissions success. Highly recommend The Red Pen!!

Royal Holloway, University of London | Class of 2023

The Red Pen team is extremely caring, helpful, and accommodating to our often hectic school schedules. Applying for college can seem quite daunting at first however, with the immense guidance from The Red Pen team my college application process has been stress-free. Often at times when I was feeling discouraged, they would always give me words of encouragement and support. They have guided me and been by my side for each step of the process from making a college list to sending applications. They always put their students first and are always available 24/7. Because of their help, I have been accepted into my dream university-Loyola Marymount University. I am forever grateful to them all!

Loyola Marymount University | Class of 2025

The Red Pen team was instrumental in supporting my undergraduate application and helping me get admitted to my top choice US university on a full athletic scholarship! I approached them quite late in the application cycle and this process can be quite stressful, but they assured me that they would be with me at every stage. They were accessible round the clock, paying great emphasis on every small detail and helped me portray my true self in the essay and the entire application! I am truly grateful to them for helping me submit the best and most honest version of myself! I am deeply thankful to my consultants for going above and beyond and bringing a different level of energy to this process!

Drexel University | Class of 2025

Going to The Red Pen was surely one of best decisions I have ever made during my academic years. The level of care and attention that I received throughout my application process was surely the reason why I got into my dream university. I am extremely grateful for my counsellor and my content specialist as this wouldn’t have been possible without them. They are my friends who motivated me throughout my high school journey and I would like to thank them for everything they have done, for all the late night and early morning meetings and for being such amazing people. Furthermore, I am really happy with the team of The Red Pen who went through my application and gave me insights on how I could improve it. At last, thank you The Red Pen for making my dream come true and for being so friendly and professional at the same time!

New York University | Class of 2025

The Red Pen has an extremely professional team. They stayed committed throughout the process and never took any short cuts. The lines of communication were always open and direct and it felt they had our interest at heart. The quality of the application was great as they payed attention to the tiniest detail. Their choice of colleges was just right and they kept abreast of changes that kept happening in admission policies such as CMU extending their ED deadline and another universities advancing theirs for a scholarship. I would recommend them highly. This is the best investment one can make towards an education abroad.

Dartmouth College | Class of 2025

The Red Pen team has been extraordinarily amazing. My counsellors have been extremely helpful and guided me through my undergraduate college application process for the past two years, right from the beginning. One thing I really like about Red Pen is their weekly catchups, which puts a pressure on us to complete the required deadlines, thereby benefiting us students at the end. Their profile building skills and outstanding counselling has led me to be part of Babson College, and I certainly believe that they have played an integral and critical role in it. I find The Red Pen team to be phenomenal in all aspects.

Babson College | Class of 2025

We want thank the entire team of The Red Pen for their continuous support and help during the application process to universities in the US. The Red Pen assisted my son at every step of the application process with extreme professionalism, dedication and empathy. Since we had specific needs, we experienced some confusion prior to getting in touch with The Red Pen. After our first consultation, we immediately felt that we found our match. Their guidance and thorough knowledge helped my son make informed decisions and he is extremely happy about being accepted to the university of his dreams. I also would like to mention the kindness and genuine care shown by the counsellors at every moment. They have played a very important role in my son’s future.

University of San Francisco | Class of 2024

The college admission process can be really tedious and challenging. However, through The Red Pen, I got the right guidance and support that enabled me to realise my true potential. I would like to thank the wonderful faculty and expertise of the counsellors that helped me receive almost $35,000 in scholarships from University of Wisconsin, Madison, where I am currently studying.

University of Wisconsin, Madison | Class of 2023

I worked with The Red Pen for my undergraduate applications to universities in the US, and was very happy with the service and the people who worked with me. The team was extremely patient, going through edits where necessary, supporting my college choices, and even helping me prepare for interviews when needed. Everyone who worked with me took the effort to know me and guided me in expressing what I wanted to clearly and to the best of my ability. My lead counsellor was always readily available to answer any question or concern I had. I absolutely loved my experience with The Red Pen and would recommend it for anyone looking for guidance with college admissions.

University of Notre Dame | Class of 2022

The Red Pen was extremely helpful in all matters relating to the application process. My lead consultant was especially helpful while I was deciding my college list, he helped me find colleges that would suit my personality and matched all my requirements. Along with my content specialist, he made sure my essays were also up to the mark while remaining true to me. The Red Pen team was always on call on and responded to all my doubts in a timely manner. I would like to thank them for helping me achieve my dreams.

Vassar College | Class of 2023

The Red Pen has a great team of professionals working under one roof to cater to the different educational requirements. My daughter was very keen on studying medicine at the undergraduate level and Imperial College London was her dream college. The Red Pen team of counsellors guided her at every step until she successfully received an admit.

Imperial College London | Class of 2022

From the very beginning, The Red Pen listened to my opinions and provided consistent support, something that was crucial to my common application essay and helped demystify the entire college application process. Beyond this, they also gave me different options to further my extracurricular activities. It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Red Pen as they helped me get admitted into my top colleges!

University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2023

Postgraduate Admissions

Every year, we get admissions to top programmes across the world.


of applicants received offers
to their top choices


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every year


applications are sent
every year

I chose The Red Pen after speaking to one of the co-founders, she sounded very helpful and well aware about how to guide me through this process. The one thing that stood out for me was the way The Red Pen helped me understand my capabilities and build my resume. The Red Pen helped me discover my field of interest, took me through each stage and helped me make it to my dream college! The team was just a phone call or email away – they always answered my questions and understood my concerns. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Red Pen for helping me turn my dream into reality.

London School of Economics | Class of 2019

It has been a blessing in disguise being introduced to The Red Pen. I would like to thank the entire team who guided me through my application process and helped me brainstorm ideas to write my essays on. Gaining their perspective and useful feedback on my essays only made the process easier for me. What really made my experience so special was the dedication, hard work, and determination of the team to give you their best. I enjoyed working with my consultant, who is, if I may add, an absolute wonder maker. Her play of words and ability to add descriptive elements to a somewhat dry first draft was exceptionally remarkable. Overall I would say the promptness, punctuality, and finesse provided by her demonstrates the true professionalism that builds the foundations of The Red Pen itself.

St. George’s University | Class of 2019

The Red Pen really helped me push the bar for my essays. They were critical in their feedback and were very clear in articulating the implications of certain SOP topics and how they would impact my overall application. The team helped me troubleshoot all my problems within a matter of hours. I could have never imagined getting into all the colleges I applied and I am super excited to attend Columbia University.

Columbia University | Class of 2020

I have submitted my application to Sciences Po, it wouldn’t be possible without The Red Pen. I would like to thank the team for always keeping it together every time I gave short notice. Thanks to the team for all your detailed inputs, suggestions and the infinite edits that they did for me!

Sciences Po | Class of 2020

Working with The Red Pen was a wonderful experience. Their process is really fast and competent. Most importantly, for them, the client always comes first. The postgraduate counsellor helped me with all the aspects of my application, no matter the time. I highly recommend The Red Pen for anyone who is aspiring to study a master’s degree in the US.

Singapore Management University | Class of 2021

Applying for education abroad can be complicated, and I am grateful I had the professionals at The Red Pen for guidance. From ironing out the kinks in my resume and determining suitable universities, to polishing my Statement of Purpose, the team helped me find a narrative that helped me stand out from other applicants. I would definitely recommend The Red Pen to other prospective students. Thank you so much!

University of Southern California | Class of 2021

Coming from a background in commerce, I wanted to apply for a Masters in Engineering in the US. I happened to come across The Red Pen through online sources, who happily took up my challenging application. Working with The Red Pen was a wonderful experience. The team’s constant motivation and perseverance towards my application was delightful. They were available constantly, guiding me with their expertise. The online system Cialfo is brilliantly used throughout the application journey. Fortunately, through all their guidance, I was able to secure a seat at a great US college. I sincerely thank The Red Pen for their support in helping me achieve my goals.

University of California, Los Angeles | Class of 2021

The Red Pen was a fabulous decision for me as they helped me get into my dream college, Columbia University, for my masters in Human Capital Management. I had worked with them before for my undergraduate admissions so it was an easy decision for me to go with them for my postgraduate applications as well. The entire postgraduate team did an amazing job in explaining what postgraduate admission representatives are looking for. They were able to help me identify my core strengths and put my story across in the best possible way. I would strongly recommend The Red Pen to all students looking for a university counsellor.

Columbia University | Class of 2022

I had a fantastic experience with The Red Pen PG team. I found everyone extremely professional and detailed-oriented. In particular, the application process was seamlessly handled; I had a clear picture from start to finish. As I had 10 years of work experience, I wanted a consultant who could not only find the right programme but could also assist me in conveying my professional story in a clear, concise manner. As the strongest aspect of my application was my experience, the team helped me articulate my essay and resume and select the correct recommenders so that consistency was maintained throughout all my documents. It is because of the strong connection to the programme, I managed to get an admit at and get a scholarship. I highly recommend The Red Pen services to all students across categories who want to study abroad.

Fordham University | Class of 2021

I had a great experience with The Red Pen team. I was very anxious when I approached them and was in an analysis paralysis due to the plethora of information available online. I was unable to figure what to trust. The Red Pen helped me decide my major, shortlist universities and understand my strengths and weaknesses. They helped me manage my deadlines and guided me through the entire process. I am really thankful to the entire team.

Duke University | Class of 2021

The help, support and time The Red Pen has invested in my application made the entire process very smooth. They managed various aspects of the process and I cannot stress the impact they have made on my application to TU Delft for my Masters in Computer Science. Thank you for everything that you have done and for being available to clear up every doubt!

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) | Class of 2022

My experience with The Red Pen was enriching and rewarding to the say the least. Not only did I receive offers from both of the universities I applied to, the whole process led to a whole lot of professional and personal development. The team was so effective and prompt with streamlining my thought processes, which at the time, were all over the place. The pressure and anxiety associated with securing a good master’s program was always settled by members of the team who constantly worked to keep timelines on track and my focus intact. I’m glad I stuck with the wonderful folks at The Red Pen and successfully completed my postgraduate degree from LSE.

London School of Economics | Class of 2020

After meeting with various counsellors, I felt The Red Pen was the perfect fit for me. With the help of the team in presenting my unique story in the best way possible, I received admissions from top universities across the world. It was wonderful working with a team that was responsive and understanding – which is why I would recommend The Red Pen to anyone who is looking to apply globally for their further studies.

The University of Texas at Dallas | Class of 2021

I was in the process of starting my Master’s applications and was generally asking around for college advisors. During this time, I met with some team members of BCG, who spoke very highly of The Red Pen. Their recommendation combined with my initial conversation with the team helped me choose The Red Pen; I felt I was in good hands. What stood out most was the fact that they made me feel relevant. The whole process was tailored to my goals and I wasn’t “just another applicant.” As a result, I felt my application stood out and was unique to me. I was working in the strategy department of a B2B company and I was looking to transition into the sports world through a Master’s in Sports Management with absolutely no experience of working in the Sports Industry. They helped me tailor my resume and SOP to reflect how the business skills I’ve developed so far would make me an asset in the sports world and this helped me get into the top 5 sports programs in the world!

New York University | Class of 2020

Coming from a background in commerce, I wanted to apply for a master’s in engineering in the US. I happened to come across The Red Pen through online sources, who happily took up my challenging application. Working with The Red Pen was a wonderful experience. The team’s constant motivation and perseverance towards my application was delightful. They were available constantly, guiding me with their expertise. The online system CIALFO is brilliantly used throughout the application journey. Fortunately, through all their guidance, I was able to secure a seat at a great US college. I sincerely thank The Red Pen for their support in helping me achieve my goals.

University of California, Los Angeles | Class of 2021

My experience with The Red Pen was enriching, to say the least. Not only did I receive offers from both of the universities I applied to, but the whole process also led to a whole lot of professional and personal development. The team was so effective and prompt with streamlining my thought processes which at the time were all over the place. The pressure and anxiety associated with securing a good master’s programme were always settled by members of the team who constantly worked to keep timelines on track and my focus intact. I’m glad I stuck with the wonderful folks at The Red Pen and successfully completed my postgraduate degree from London School Economics.

London School of Economics and Political Science | Class of 2020

Boarding School Admissions

We take great pride in finding the best-fit global boarding school for your child.


Success Rate


Campus visits globally


boarding schools in india And globally that we have worked with

After eight incredible years in India, we were planning to return to Silicon Valley in northern California. Schooling for our two daughters (6th grade and 9th grade) was our primary area of concern and we had a list of questions: How should we consider options? What are the trade-offs between public and private schools? What are the admissions and application processes?

We are very grateful to Kavita, Kim, Namita and the whole team at The Red Pen for being such great partners in helping us navigate this crucial part of our journey. Both of our daughters were offered admission to The Harker School, the #2 ranked K-12 school in the US, and their #1 choice amongst the shortlist; we said “yes” in a heartbeat.

Kirthiga Reddy
Global Client Partner and Emerging Markets Lead, Facebook
Former Managing Director, Facebook India and South Asia

The Harker School

We were introduced to The Red Pen when we were seeking to send our 15-year-old to a premier British boarding school. Friends who had an excellent experience with them gave us their recommendation. For my family, it was important that admission would be secured at a top institution. After assessing our son’s academic level, and The Red Pen provided us with a list of schools and suggested what we should do to achieve our goal. What was critical was that they guided us and our child – who ultimately secured admission at Malvern College, an extremely well-reputed school and our first choice. Throughout the application process, we were able to continually reach out with any questions and queries. Thank you Namita and team The Red Pen!

Malvern College

It was wonderful working with The Red Pen. After the first two interactions and meetings, I was very happy at how they provided details pertaining to the relevant schools. The team did a great job of explaining the pros and cons and what schools would suit my son. The Red Pen helped on all fronts – with the application form, registration, personal statement, tests and interviews. The mentoring extended towards the personal statement and the interviews was particularly helpful as it gave a better insight on how and what to write in totality rather than giving a superficial explanation. The Red Pen team was very calm, patient and positive in their approach and extremely helpful in motivating my son. They were prompt, approachable and ready to provide guidance whenever required. It was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend The Red Pen for counselling services.

Charterhouse School

The Red Pen helped me explore school options when we shared that my son was feeling burnt out in the ICSE rote system of education. The team helped me identify best fit options for him based on his interests and goals (both inside and outside the classroom). They were fantastic in understanding my son, assessing his needs and then suggesting boarding schools that he could potentially attend. What I found especially useful is that they helped us understand the difference between each option, not only from an academic standpoint but also based on culture, infrastructure, student body, faculty etc. We finally narrowed it down to The Woodstock School in Mussoorie and this has been one of the best decisions we could have made as a family. I have seen my son grow immensely as a person, and I feel boarding school was a perfect stepping stone for him to prepare for his undergraduate studies as he experienced the global culture right here in India. The Red Pen did a great job in going that extra mile to actually understand the child, family and their goals.

Woodstock School

The Red Pen gave us the much-required overview of what defines a boarding school experience and how we could shortlist the ideal ones based on our goals and interests. They helped us through the entire research, application and interview process. We are delighted that our child has gotten into a school of her choice that not only happens to be one of the top UK boarding schools but also the perfect fit. We would like to thank the Res Pen team for their much-valued support that helped us in achieving our goal.

Haileybury International School

We thoroughly enjoyed working with The Red Pen. Our journey began when Kim visited Kenya and suggested that we look at sixth form schools in the UK who offered the IBDP for our daughter as a stepping stone to applying to universities in the US. The Red Pen guided us at every step of the way, from choosing the schools to visit and the guidance and review on the personal statement to interview practise (both group and individual) and finally choosing the right school. The team was always only a message away and we could easily reach them despite the time difference between Kenya and India. With The Red Pen’s help, our daughter managed to get offers from all four schools that she applied to. The final selection was made easy with the quantitative and qualitative questionnaires from The Red Pen. Our daughter chose Wellington College, which we believe will be a great fit for her. Thank you The Red Pen for helping us achieve our target.

Wellington College

Pre-College Advising

We prepare to help middle and high school students develop a well-rounded profile so that they stand out in a competitive undergraduate landscape.


summer programme
acceptance rate


enrichment opportunities


affiliations and partners

As parents of a grade 10 student, we didn’t know which way to go. We felt lost, as we were not aware of all the career options available in the modern world and our daughter wanted to explore them before making a decision. That’s when we stumbled upon The Red Pen. The very able and confident team took over immediately, as a well-wisher would. They not only educated us about the various courses but are also guiding our daughter towards an informed decision. The entire team is very helpful, and has been on a call with my daughter even after working hours and has frequently calmed her down in moments of panic. They have helped her in strengthening her profile, applying to summer schools, and encouraging her to maintain her school grades. The Red Pen team is definitely different from the rest – highly professional, but with a personal touch!

Parent of an IBDP Student

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to join The Red Pen. It’s been smooth sailing and absolutely worth every penny. Being a working mom, what I appreciate most is how they are on top of everything. The way they took over the planning and laying down of options for all of my daughter’s areas of interest was commendable. Also, the attention to detail and involvement through the process has bought so much clarity to the table, as opposed to hearsay and depending on a million independent comments over the internet. The attitude they have towards dealing with my concerns was super. When we rejected the first round of veterinary summer programs they offered us, they dug deeper and came up with a better lot of institutions worldwide and made sure we got exactly what fits my daughter’s needs. Love the team, their ethics and personal involvement.

Parent of an IBDP Student

It has been great working with The Red Pen. We used their Profile Development services for my son when he was in grade 10. Not only has the team been sending relevant information that will help strengthen his profile but they have also been very responsive in helping my son with mock interviews and general college preparation. The monthly newsletter informed us about YEA, my son has now enrolled and it is an excellent opportunity for him to learn about business and entrepreneurship, become more confident and develop leadership skills. The team really went the extra mile to help my son with any academic-related questions we had. From navigating us through the profile building sessions to calling the College Board for information that I was not able to attain myself – it’s great to be working with a team who are so genuine.

Parent of an IBDP Student

As we transition my son from The Red Pen’s Mentorship Program to the Undergraduate Application Program, I would like to thank The Red Pen for creating and executing the timely and useful mentorship program for young university aspirants. We were on the lookout for a system that motivates, nurtures and empowers our son to identify and prepare him for the challenges coming towards him in the near future. The Red Pen’s Mentorship Program did that and how! From throwing our 16-year-old into the deep end and encouraging him to travel to and stay on his own in France to chucking him into a Mumbai local to attend his weekly science lab and introducing him to university level essay writing to writing code for projects, the mentorship program has constantly challenged him to be open to the wonders that await him. The Red Pen also encouraged him to intern at a design studio while seeking his Ikigai with like-minded souls. Not surprisingly, the mentorship program has rubbed off on me too! Last year I completed the French language course I always wanted to learn and finally mustered the courage to join Toastmasters to improve my public speaking. Thank you to the Pre-College Advising team for always being there, hearing him out and guiding him at all the critical junctures. Our consultant’s kind, mentoring and positive strategies to track his academic progress are working wonders. We are looking forward to working with The Red Ped in the coming months as our son works on his college applications.

Parent of an IBDP Student

I started working with The Red Pen back in grade 8. Looking back now, I realise the massive impact this had on my college admissions and the development of my resume and portfolio. In grade 8, I was ambitious, driven and rather clueless about what the admissions process entailed. That’s when my mom brought me to The Red Pen and everything changed for the better. The first thing that they helped me with was the subject selection. I wanted to pursue humanities and thought that because of this, I could drop all three sciences. However, The Red Pen informed me about the importance of having strong subjects and how it would set an excellent base for my IB subject selection. Besides this, The Red Pen also encouraged me to start working on my resume now. Most colleges want to see continuity on your resume, which means doing fewer meaningful activities for a longer time and then many irrelevant ones for a brief amount of time. Starting in grade 8 made sure that I had enough time to pursue my different passions and demonstrate growth in my applications. On the extracurricular front, I remember The Red Pen’s advice about my music portfolio–I wanted to give every Trinity exam on the planet but they were the ones who told me that universities wanted to see more of my performances than just fancy exams on my resume. They also helped me brainstorm numerous community service ideas and guided me to use my music to help those around me. Apart from this, they also helped me map out my summers with summer programmes and internships. I believe all this gave me a holistic background–something that US colleges look for in students. I would highly recommend all of you to give yourselves a head start in the college admissions process by starting early and The Red Pen are the right people to do it with!

IBDP Student

The Red Pen has an extremely helpful and dedicated team for college admissions. They helped us in the admission process of my son to Simon’s Rock at Bard College, Massachusetts, USA. I would like to extend thanks to the founders and the team who made it possible for him to get admitted to the college. They give personal attention to each applicant, which makes them unique.

Simon’s Rock at Bard College | Class of 2023

As parents of a young girl who had just completed grade 10, we didn’t know which way to go. We felt completely lost as we were not aware of all the career options available in the modern world and our daughter wanted to explore them before making a decision. That’s when we stumbled upon The Red Pen. The very able and confident team took over immediately, as a well-wisher would. They not only educated us about the various courses but are also guiding our daughter towards an informed and smart decision. The entire team is very helpful, and have been on a call with my daughter even after working hours and has frequently calmed her down in moments of panic. She has helped her in strengthening her profile, applying to summer schools, and encouraging her to maintain her school grades. The Red Pen team is definitely different from the rest – highly professional, but with a personal touch!

Parent of an IBDP Student

The Red Pen really helped bring clarity to my subject selection and university application process. Their ‘Journey To College’ event was particularly beneficial as I heard experiences from students going to and presently in college. Interacting with these students was really insightful. Their mentorship programme also offers amazing guidance for extracurricular and leadership programmes that prepare you for college life. If you’re a high school student who feels lost right now, The Red Pen is a great place to consult!!

IBDP Student


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Admissions Brighton College
Admissions Brighton College
We are very impressed by the professionalism of The Red Pen team. The recent Boarding Schools Fair was very well organised and certainly worthwhile. As the Boarding Schools team are very knowledgeable about individual schools, we only met families who are serious about sending their child to school in the UK and understood our ethos of curiosity, kindness and academic excellence. We look forward to our next visit.
himanshi dahiya
himanshi dahiya
The Red Pen organization holds very informative sessions for all the students where they help the students take informed decisions about taking admission in foreign universities. Every school must organize these relevant sessions to guide the students.
Bhavna Duggal
Bhavna Duggal
The session was helpful and informative. The valuable facts and figures were shared. The book “ Acing Admissions” is a fantastic book. The book will guide you through the US undergraduate college applications.
Deepti K
Deepti K
The session by Ms Sheetal Vora was very informative and comprehensive 'On Admission trends for undergraduate students in year the 2022' supported by data & facts.
Red Pen has truly been our one stop shop, from brainstorming schools, curriculum, interview prep, appointment fixing….we couldn’t have done it with so much ease without Aarti and her team! My husband and I have asked Aarti the same question 10 times and she has always patiently answered all 10 times with the same answer and quelled our anxieties. We are truly thankful to them for their guidance and continuous follow ups for Elisha’s admission into Sevenoaks. I would highly recommend their services for anyone considering sending their children to a UK boarding school without blinking an eyelid! Enakshi and Sujan
Suman Bala
Suman Bala
The Red Pen is a place where students do get through their dreams and achieve their maximum potential. The team comprised of experienced consultants, editors and counsellors who handpicked elements of my application like essays, drafts, extracurriculars and improvised me at every stage. They even assisted me at the last moment, so their company is highly recommended to anyone who wants to seek consultancy regarding pursuing higher education in India or abroad whether for UG, PG or MBA.
Sonia Hays
Sonia Hays
The Red Pen was a very helpful for narrowing my son’s choices of college and we benefit from their expertise in during the application process. The team was encouraging and always available for enquirers. I would definitely recommend The Red Pen to ease the burden of the whole process.
Ishika Gupta
Ishika Gupta
The Red Pen helped me to get into one of my top colleges. From crafting a college list to essays my mentor helped with it all. I'm so thankful for the mentorship and guidance that I received. I was able to fully express myself in my essays thanks to the brainstorming of essays we did before I started writing them and the various edits!