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The Red Pen College Tours!

The Red Pen College Tours!

We’re hitting the road!

Join us as we explore colleges on the
West and East Coasts of the United States. 

US university tours custom-designed for Indian applicants
Departures in May and in June 2014
An open mind and a sense of adventure

The Red PenIndia’s premier boutique university admissions advising service, is pleased to announce US college tours this summer in conjunction with Thomas Cook India. The tours are ideal for Indian students who are considering undergraduate studies in America.

On this Travel & Learn Program, The Red Pen’s experienced counsellors, Kim Dixit and Kavita Mehta, will accompany students on campus tours, arrange admissions information sessions and facilitate meetings with current students to give a first-hand experience of campus life at some of America’s most popular institutions. Kim and Kavita will also address unique issues faced by Indian applicants during tailored workshops before, during and after the tour.

Two tour itineraries are being offered – the West Coast and the East Coast.  The dates are continuous – making it easy to participate in one or both tours.

  • On the West Coast check out Stanford University, University of Southern California, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Santa Barbara, California Polytechnic State University and the Claremont Colleges. West Coast Tours start on May 10 and June 7.
  • On the East Coast visit Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, New York University, Columbia University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Amherst College, University of Massachusetts, Drexel University, Swarthmore College and Rutgers University. East Coast Tours start on May 20 and June 17.
*Note, specific institutions are subject to change. 

Check out the brochure for more details.  Space is limited! To reserve your spot, call 022-6609-1212 or email travel&learn@in.thomascook.com.

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The fundamental role of independent educational consultants is to help students explore college opportunities and find the right place for them to succeed academically and socially. IECs don’t get students admitted—they help students demonstrate why they deserve to be admitted at appropriately chosen schools. They help students find colleges they might not have heard of—often out of their region—and they help students put their best foot forward.

Here are 5 things families should consider when looking to hire an IEC:

  1. Does the IEC belong to a professional association such as IECA with established and rigorous standards for membership?
  2. Do not trust any offers of guaranteed admission to a school or a certain minimum dollar value in scholarships.
  3. Ensure that the IEC adheres to the ethical guidelines for private counseling established by IECA.
  4. Find an IEC that visits college, school, and program campuses and meets with admissions representatives regularly in order to keep up with new trends, academic changes and evolving campus cultures.
  5. Do they attend professional conferences or training workshops on a regular basis to keep up with regional and national trends and changes in the law?