Holistic guidance to help undergraduate applicants explore their individuality and stand out in the competitive process.

Students in Class 11-12&Students opting for gap year

The admissions process for undergraduate education can be complex and varies from country to country. The Red Pen provides end-to-end services for applicants – we help you develop an undergraduate admissions strategy, select destination(s) and programs, understand institutional requirements, costs, financial aid and conditions of offer and assist you with the preparation of application components and interviews.

We also provide standalone services for applicants who want help with specific aspects of their undergraduate applications.

See the colleges where our students have enrolled at over the years.

For families interested in applications to US universities: The company co-founders, Kavita Mehta and Dr. Kimberly Wright Dixit have written a book, Acing Admissions, a comprehensive guide on the US college admissions process with easy-to-understand information, anecdotes and templates that are helpful for Indian applicants.

The undergraduate application process is a journey that teaches you to take ownership with confidence.

Admissions strategy & application process

We help you understand the university culture and guide you through the
preparation of application components, submission and follow up.

  • Academic profile review
  • Resume review & editing
  • Educational goals focus and identification
  • Essay brainstorming, review & editing
  • College selection
  • Teacher and counsellor recommendation strategy
  • Diagnostic testing for ACT and SAT
  • Application form review
  • Financial aid advice
  • Interview preparation/Oxbridge interview training
  • Summer school programs
  • Sports recruitment support
  • College visit suggestions

Admissions Highlights 2016-17

Applications sent to

147 unique
global universities

60% STEM
37% Humanities
& Social Sciences


580 Applications submitted

1600+ Essays reviewed

₹20 Crore scholarships

awarded to our students

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Journey to college:

Undergraduate applicants talk about their profile/choices, share insights
about the application process and experiences at international colleges

Dancing to the beat of his own piano helped this mathlete find his fit

Music, especially playing the piano, has always helped Rahil Vaknalli connect with people. Growing up playing instruments, Rahil realized he was fortunate to have a family who supported his love of music, as so many people around him were discouraged from pursuing music because of it’s lack of stability as a career choice, or because of their own lack of advantages.
Invested as he was in spreading the joy of music, Rahil decided he wanted to offer young people opportunities to play music irrespective of their social or economic status. At the age of 17, he created DECIBEL, a music festival designed to showcase the talent of underprivileged students, along with musicians from affluent international schools. He approached Brett Lee’s Mewsic India Foundation, an NGO that supports musically inclined children from local slums, to collaborate, and the proceeds from the festival were used to sponsor instruments and award music scholarships for the Mewsic Foundation students.

Rahil’s other passion is mathematics. When his school didn’t have the framework to support mathematics competitions, Rahil contacted Transition Lab Preparatory School, to collaborate with likeminded students to start “Math Pirates,” a Chi Alpha Mumath chapter in India.

When he came to The Red Pen, Rahil was looking for a program abroad that would help him pursue everything he loves. Having spent summers studying at Brown and Yale he knew that education could be illuminating and diverse, and wanted to find a college that could encourage his interests in cognitive science and the way music affects the human brain with opportunities for hands on learning and research. Rahil wanted a vibrant university in an urban center, and he found that in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)! We helped Rahil brainstorm and link his many interests into a cohesive narrative that highlighted his multiplicity and his drive.

Rahil, UCLA

Targeting the right colleges based on goals and high school subject selection

Rishika understood the importance of finding the right fit, thanks to which (and a lot of hard work), she got acceptances from six US universities and is excited about enrolling at Santa Clara University in the fall of 2017!

From the beginning, Rishika was very clear about her goals – she wanted to apply for an undergraduate degree in business to US universities. Her challenge: high school math is a requirement if you want to pursue a business major at many US universities and Rishika did not select maths as one of her subjects in high school. While this was a big concern, Rishika, her family and The Red Pen undergraduate team decided to tackle this issue head on and worked through it by researching universities where math was not a requirement for application. We even helped her explore options in Canada and Australia.

We realised the importance of leveraging Rishika’s family background – she had many interesting stories and insights growing up as the youngest sibling in a large family, and her family’s business background was an inspiration to pursue business studies. We helped her explore her strengths and learnings, which became the foundation for her essays.

Rishika, Santa Clara University

Internship experiences provide valuable lessons

Neil Thomas is a great example of a student who voluntarily took a gap year before starting college to pursue his passion for mechanics. Motivated by a desire to gain practical knowledge and experience related to his undergraduate degree he completed two, month-long internships after his grade 12.

The first was at American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), which assembles truck
axles for Daimler Benz, and the second at Superior Drinks, the local bottling
partner for Coca-Cola in India. These internships helped Neil reaffirm his interest in mechanics and were invaluable in teaching him about the role of an engineer and the importance of developing a strong work ethic.

The gap year also gave Neil the opportunity to devote time to his other interests – he took his Trinity Grade piano exams, played soccer and volunteered at the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, an organisation which supports artists without hands.

Neil’s now on his way to Virginia Tech. If he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change the path he took to get there, happy to have had the opportunity to explore his field of study before committing to four years of studying it.

Neil, Virginia Tech


I heard about The Red Pen from family and friends. Working with them over the course of a year has been a remarkable journey, a journey from which, I was able to learn a lot. TRP has a personal touch, their complete attention on each student. They are very approachable and are always available to clear any questions that may arise. I believe their personalized service and attentiveness are their strengths. I recall spending several hours in their office, in the week before the December regular deadline, reviewing my applications and essays until I was completely satisfied. The team gave me detailed feedback when it came to choosing colleges and my essays, and helped me put forward the best possible application!

-Boston University, Class of 2021

Thank you TRP for guiding me through the entire process. The team was very accommodating – helping me brainstorm and stay on top of various tasks that needed to be completed throughout the process; patiently helping me work through my college choices in the UK and US, even as I changed my mind about where to apply Early Decision, and encouraging me to complete all the essays in spite of my slow writing skills without compromising on quality. I found it easy to work with the team and when I was in Hong Kong or the US we worked via email and zoom, which was very productive.

-Harvard University, Class of 2022

Thank you so much, couldn’t have done it without The Red Pen. I’ve finalised with WPI and they’re giving me 12,000 dollars scholarship per year! I chose TRP because I had really good reviews from friends and because I knew that I would get valuable advice from counsellors who have studied in the US; my lead counsellor, was a Harvard graduate. What I like about TRP is that they are very organized and help you plan each step of the application process, right from subject selection to shortlisting universities to setting deadlines to completing your application. They were extremely dedicated, making sure that my essays and other parts of my application reached a certain standard. I can definitely say TRP played a major role in helping me secure admission to my first choice university.

-Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Class of 2021


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