A high school science major explores politics, philosophy and economics at university

– Keshav, Northeastern University

The flexibility to try different things has allowed Keshav to pursue many interests during his freshman year at Northeastern University. Seeking a well-rounded college experience, Keshav, who had opted for sciences in high school, wanted to try something he had missed out on – social sciences and decided he would study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) after landing in Boston. Northeastern, he discovered is a well-rounded university with good options and faculty across fields.

However, while he loved the critical thinking and open-endedness of the courses, he realized he missed the concrete nature of the sciences. Keshav decided to add a minor in Mathematics (with a concentration in Logic and Game Theory), which he felt was an underlying tool for social science research.

His most fun experience over the past year has been joining the Club Water Polo Team. Not a very strong swimmer – he almost drowned the first time he jumped in – Keshav has been steadily improving with a lot of practice and encouragement from his teammates. He even hopes to play a competitive game at school next year!

Keshav enjoyed his experience as president of his dorm hall council hall and working at the Harvard Kennedy School. Over the next couple of years, he hopes to join the Student Government and work on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop project. A strong advocate for college in Boston, Keshev feels, “If one makes a conscious effort to reach out, the potential that Boston offers in terms of people, and in turn opportunity, is immense.”

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