For a future computer scientist, it all adds up

– Varin, Stanford University

When Varin started his application journey, he had no idea what he needed to prepare for studying abroad. He approached The Red Pen determined to apply to some of the most competitive schools abroad. We helped him prepare a comprehensive timeline of activities and select colleges that would be a great fit for him in the US and Singapore.

Varin had a lot to do, but he was passionate and focused on the things that really mattered to him. His application showed schools his true interests. His love of computer science motivated him to learn different programming languages, which he used to develop solutions for simple day-to-day issues like creating an automated pill ordering system for his mother’s thyroid medicines. He also developed a volunteer management and a peer-to-peer learning system for his school, which helped him realise his goal of developing personalised learning and adaptive assessment tools for students.

Varin pursued leadership roles in his community. Working with an NGO, Varin took the initiative to promote education for girls, going door-to-door explaining the importance of education to families in a nearby village. He is teaching his grandfather and friends basic digital skills and has helped them create social media accounts. Varin also pushed himself out of his comfort zone by learning Mandarin and studying in China.

With his thoughtful community focus and academic talents, Varin would have been a good fit for many colleges! He has chosen Stanford – his dream college – where he intends to put his ideas into action in the world and dig into the heart of computer science to create solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

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