Securing her dream university through UCAS Adjustment

– Tanya, University of Warwick

Tanya wanted to study politics and international relations in the UK, and applied to the Universities of Warwick, Nottingham, Exeter, Bath and Queen Mary. A well-rounded student – good at academics, strong personal statement, internship and volunteering experience, and extra-curricular activities relevant to her course – she received conditional offers from five universities, including from her dream university, University of Warwick.  

But Tanya was worried about her exam results and unsure of meeting Warwick’s IB requirement of 38 points; instead, she chose Exeter as her firm offer as it required an IB score of 36.

Her fears were put to rest on results day – she secured a fantastic score of 42! With these results, Tanya wanted to explore upgrading her university choice to Warwick. With The Red Pen’s help, Tanya registered through UCAS adjustment, a service that allows students who have exceeded the conditions of their firm choice to swap their place for another course or university.

After multiple calls, she was successful at securing an offer from Warwick! What really helped Tanya with facilitating the swap was timely communication. If you are considering UCAS adjustment and your international exam results are released before A-Level results are announced, it is important to get in touch with the university you wish to upgrade to as soon as the adjustment process opens up and provide them with a background on your situation so that they are in a position to offer a decision on A-level results day.

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