Trekking to new heights

– Prithviraj, Purdue University

Reflecting back on his first year at Purdue University, Prithviraj considered the way his multifaceted passions – developed long before he started at Purdue – have helped him pursue diverse experiences as a freshman.

Prithviraj has explored many activities and opportunities, over and above his academic commitments, offered through the university. He has helped run the NACURH 2017 Annual Conference, the biggest student run conference in the United States. He was a senator of his freshman hall and is excited to have been elected Vice President of his sophomore hall, a position he assumed when he returned to college in Fall 2017.

When he worked with The Red Pen, Prithviraj highlighted his love of trekking and how trekking with his family imbued confidence allowing him to mingle with groups of strangers, ultimately leading them on treks successfully. So, it’s no surprise to us that he has taken on leadership positions that will vault him to new heights at Purdue.

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