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IE School’s Big Data & Cybersecurity Day in Mumbai!

Join IE Big Data & Cybersecurity Day Mumbai edition. You will have the opportunity to hear some experts on the topic as well as part of IE’s technology team and alumni. Participant’s will solve a business case on customer analytics. Winners will have the opportunity to get a 20% scholarship (upon successful completion of the admissions process) to

Start Date: March 25 @ 5:00 pm

End Date: March 25 @ 8:00 pm

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Oxford Today: Adapting for the changing world

St Hugh's alumna Kalli Purie and St Anne’s alumnus Raj Singh Bhandal will talk about how the university remains a global leader in teaching, research and study. This session will also provide information on how to apply to St Anne's College by Vice-Principal, Dr Martin Speight, and Senior Tutor, Dr Shannon McKellar Stephen. The event is free of charge and open to all Oxford alumni and their friends.

Details: Saturday 25 March, 7pm, at Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel, Delhi. You can register online at http://tinyurl.com/st-annes-delhi-mumbai or RSVP by email to development@st-annes.ox.ac.uk.

Part 2: Kidsstoppress talks to TRP co-founder Kim Dixit about cost of tuition in different countries, importance of profile building and pursuing one’s interests.


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@The Red Pen @Updated March 18, 2017

@INSEAD After bringing his global approach to Indian sports, this applicant looks to bring this mindset to Fontainebleau #truelyglobal #acceptance #MBA  
@UCSanDiego five students are ready to take the science and engineering departments by storm. #Californiadreaming #UGlife
@wesleyan_u a student dives into the liberal arts culture #connecticutcalling #UGbegins
@ChicagoBooth Having worked in team-based settings, this applicant is now ready to challenge himself in an independent academic environment #R2acceptance #MBA
@Virginia_tech a student will voyage off to the east coast #feelingtechie #UG
@UCDavis five students pace themselves to engineer success #westcoastwayforward #UGsuccess
@UMich one student is Michigan bound for computer engineering #techsavy #UGsciencefreak
@OfficialUoM one student is getting ready to concoct the perfect remedies #pillsplease #UGmadness
@OxfordSBS the applicant was mesmerised by the tradition and history of the campus and can’t think a better place to spend the next two years #acceptance #MBA
@IndianaU an Indian applicant is excited to attend to learn more about the nitty gritties of a business #businessmaninthemaking #UG
@JHUCarey an acceptance is always more exciting if it offers a full ride #scholarship #madeit #MBA 
@RoseHulman a student is keen to specialise in STEM by attending #expertiseinSTEM #UG
@ChapmanU a student will make the most of the business courses offered #SouthernCalifornia #UG
@UBCComm welcomes a student to take a plunge in the commerce world. #curiousaboutcommerce #UG
@UniofNottingham a student from India is excited to study Pharmacy, after successfully completing the interview. #achieved #UG
@GSB someone who has always been passionate about helping the wider community is excited to be part of a school that shares this philosophy #interviewinvite #finalhurdle #MBA
@YaleSOM this applicant looks to share his extensive experience in the energy industry with the admissions team  #interviewtime #MBA
@LifeatPurdue a student will delve into the field of industrial engineering #STEM #UG
@LMUBusiness a student from India will learn more about the opportunities the business world offers #corporatelife #UG
@SDSU a student will be a part of the largest and oldest higher education institution in San Diego County #thelargerthelivelier #UG
@YaleSOM lessons from a failed project taught this applicant life skills he looks to share with his classmates #almostthere #readytointerview #MBA
@ArizonaStateU has been generous with a scholarship of $10,000 to a student from India #blessedwithagrant #UG
@BarryUniv a student will learn to apply maths in a more productive way #appliedmath #UG
@SUNYPlattsburgh a student from India will learn more about the magic of numbers #magicalmath #UG
@UBC a student from India is happy to be enrolled in the Sauder School of Business to learn more about the business world #enroutebusinessman #UG
@UChicagoLaw This applicant is ready for a challenging academic environment while being part of a collaborative community #LLM #PG
@StanfordGSB sometimes taking time off and reflecting on your experiences and past applications can prove to be a winner #reapplicant #readytointerview #MBA
@SetonHallU a freshman will learn more about the culture of the city, while exploring his own academic interests #historicnewjersey #UG
@PennSateU a student will be a part of their three fold mission of teaching, researching and serving the public #partofaglobalcommunity #UG
@UIUC a student is keen to explore physics, creating a pathway for a realm of career options #studyingphysicsisalwaysasafebet #UG
@BU a student is accepted, via the ED2 round, making him feel like he made the right choice #differentiatedhimselfsuccessfully #UG
@PurdueU a student is grateful to be a part of the flagship institute of the Purdue University System #oldisgold #UG
@ColumbiaLaw this student with his diverse experiences is all set to make a difference in New York #LLM #PG
@Wharton this US-based applicant is looking forward to visiting the school’s campus for her group discussion #teambaseddiscussion #preptime #MBA
@HBS this social entrepreneur is thrilled to get off the waitlist and enthused to learn business ‘the HBS way’ #waitliststrategy #admit #MBA
@ArizonaStateU looks forward to make its’ campuses more accessible to India’s new -comer this year. #exploringarizona #UG
@Wharton this applicant is excited to share both his consulting experience and standup comedy acts to the school, if accepted #WhartonTBD #MBA
@CaliforniaStateFullerton hopes to widen the scope of film production among the British population, by imparting knowledge to a talented London freshman #thewiderthefieldthebettertheyield #UG
@Wharton from healthcare to private equity, this applicant looks to bring his diverse skillset to Wharton’s classroom #timetohustle #TBD #MBA
@ColumbiacollegeChicago’s diverse liberal art’s team is keen to share their production expertise with a keen learner from the UK #filmsreadytoproduce #UG
@HBS always dealing positively with transitions whether industries and cities, this applicant is now ready for the move to Boston to join her partner #changeisconstant #accepted #MBA
@Purdue welcomes a student from India, to explore their realm of academia, along with the interiors of Lafayette #anindianinindiana #UG
@HBS a media maven looks to share his experience in the Indian media and entertainment sector with the admissions team #interviewtime #MBA
@Cambridge a passionate physicist looks to discuss quantum mechanics, and relativity through the weekly supervisions #adifferentwayoflearning #ongoingtradition #UG
@BirminghamU an aspiring pharmacist looks to be part of your diverse student community #undergraduateexperience #coolchemist #UG
@Warwick a perfect university that’s close to the city, but also offers campus life – four students coming your way! #abitofboth #UG
@McGill this applicant is ready to take the first step to make the transition from a small Indian town to Montreal, Quebec #invitedtointerview #Canada #MBA
@DurhamU students are engulfed by the holistic approach that the university adopts #learninginalldirections #UG
@PennStateU a computer scientist experiences a diversified learning environment in the largest campus in Pennsylvania #thebiggerthebetter #UG
@KingsCollege two students ready to explore London through your various campuses #londondiaries #UG
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