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@PennState Sending you the materials for a great material engineer #UG
@UCBoulder TRP’s first admit to the school #proudmoment #newbeginnings #UG
@HarvardBusinessSchool looking forward to the move from Colombo to Boston #trulyglobal #MBA
@StanfordGSB from the Indian army to business school – what an inspiring journey #MBA
@Vanderbilt 2 admitted with $70,000 scholarship each #doubletrouble #UG
@Oxford rocked the interview for biochemistry and engineering #UG
@ColumbiaBusinessSchool not just a ‘finance school’ – a media and entertainment professional heads to CBS #MBA
@ChicagoBooth ‘choosing your own adventure’ made the school a top choice #MBA
@Cambridge it’s raining interviews – engineering, economics, philosophy and physics #UG
@Purdue congrats to our first undergraduate admit of the season #UG
@UChicago admitted with $70,000 scholarship – wow! #UG
@ColumbiaBusinessSchool Early Decision – Early Acceptance – Early Christmas #NYC #MBA
@Wharton a passionate social worker with a background in consulting comes your way #MBA
@IndianaU eldest of three siblings heads to the US #settingthebarhigh #UG
@Wharton an admit made sweeter with a scholarship #cherryontop #MBA
@Tuck a new member is excited to become part of the close-knit community #Tuckie #MBA
@Babson small town girl rocks it #UG
@Kellogg $70,000 scholarship – well done! #MBA
@Haas look out Bay Area, here comes a fintech aficionado #MBA
@Reed admitted with full scholarship – Ready for Reed! #UG
@StanfordGSB sharing a personal story can be a game changer #childhoodexperiences #MBA
@SantaClara liberal arts combined with computer science #unbeatable #UG
@Kellogg an applicant with an Indian private equity background now looks to bring his skills to Chicago #MBA
@Yale a passionate biologist comes your way #UG
@Wharton a woman who has always stood up to challenges now looks forward to her next challenge #gogetter #MBA
@ColumbiaBusinessSchool sometimes waiting it out and reapplying can get you into your dream school #nevergiveup #reapplicant #MBA
@Wharton a public sector enthusiast joins the action-oriented community #MBA
@UIUC first engineering admit of the season #UG
@HarvardBusinessSchool a thespian takes the stage in Boston #MBA
@Wharton ‘Knowledge For Action’ – a Family business guy lives by this motto #MBA
@HarvardBusinessSchool a strong academic record, great brands and clear goals #neverfailformula #MBA


The team’s wholehearted engagement in the process helped me achieve phenomenal results – I was admitted to my dream university. I admire The Red Pen’s commitment and meticulous attention to detail and I’m certain that their guidance would prove invaluable to those who seek it.

Vanderbilt University, Class of 2021


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