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Guess The Campus Answer: Queen’s University Belfast

If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen our #GuessTheCampus series. Each week we will put images of a campus along with a hint as to where that may be, for you to guess! This week's answer was Queen's University Belfast. The UK's ninth oldest university, Queen's was founded as Queen’s College in 1845, and can trace its roots as far back as 1810.

queen's university belfast
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Do I Need an MBA Admissions Consultant?

While resources are available to everyone online these days, there is one thing the internet does not offer; experience. Kavita shares her thoughts on how an MBA admissions consultant can add value in an applicant's journey. To read more, click here.  


Is a Boarding School Actually Worth It?

People often ask me the generic, open-ended question, “Is a boarding school better for our kids?” And, like everything else, I reply that it depends on the child and the particular family situation. Residential/boarding schooling is not for everyone, but sometimes there are compelling reasons to explore this option. Check out our article on The Swaddle to find out why boarding school might be the option for you.


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2016-17 Undergraduate & MBA applicant successes!

@Wharton an Indian consultant can’t wait to get to know the Philadelphia business scene and deepen his global understanding! #localbusiness #mba 
@DukeU a student is NC bound to study computer engineering #computergeek #UGscientist
One student scores a hattrick with admissions @Stanford and two ivy leagues @penn @BrownUniversity amongst additional fabulous acceptances. #superstarstudent #UGsuccess
@Umassamherst an upcoming engineer is all set to learn the dynamics of electronics #successengineered #UGlife
@penn one student from India is ready to explore the interiors of Pennsylvania #enroutesuccess #UGlife
One lucky student is torn between the best of two options: @UCBerkeley and @penn #delightfuldilemma #UGsuccess
Maryland, get ready to welcome one more engineer @UnivofMaryland #marvelousmaryland #UGliving
@UCriverside a student from the UK is ready to study film #arthasnoboundaries #UGglobaloutreach
@UCIrvine an excited engineer makes his way to sunny California #californiadreaming #STEMsuccess #UG
@penn one student from India is ready to explore the interiors of Pennsylvania #enroutesuccess #UGlife
One lucky student has received a conditional offer to attend @UniofBath Here’s wishing him all the best #UKbound #UKUG
@UCBerkeley one student is all set to explore new horizons #bubblyinberkeley #UKUG
One student was able to fulfil his dream when he received an offer from @LSE_London this year #ilovelondon #UKUG
@Wharton this tech guru and travel aficionado can’t wait to explore the city of Brotherly love and the business program built for teams! #teamwork #mba
@Wharton from private equity to the center of entrepreneurship, one Mumbaiker is ready to transform his career and test his boundaries! #pivot #mba
@YaleSOM this world traveler is ready to spend some time getting to know New Haven #accepted#newhorizons #MBA
@StanfordBiz from the world of e-commerce to the farm, this applicant can’t wait to call Silicon Valley his neighbor #allsetforGSB #MBA
@NYUStern this adventure seeker can’t wait to wander the Big Apple in between business classes #NYbound #MBAready
@UCL two students are ready to add stats to numbers. #bigbenbigbucks #UGsuccess
@Durham_uni two students make it to one of the top hundred schools in the world to study economics #trippleaccrediation #eurobound #UG
5 students are ready to shine in business, economics, math, international relations and engineering @warwickuni #wonderfulwarwick #UGabroad
@ClaremontMckenna two students are ready to create history in economics #californiacalling #UGadventures
@WillamsCollege a student is determined to engage in economics #marvelousmassachusettes #UGlife
@USC three students’ California dreaming is turning into a reality as they get ready to study #neuroscience #business #math #UGgrowing
@BarnardCollege two students are all set to study math and economics #newyorknewyork #ilovenewyork #UG
@DrexelUniv two upcoming engineers receive impressive scholarships #showmethemoney #collegesuccess #UG
@EmoryUniversity three students are ready to explore a diversity of subjects including history, economics, business and cognitive science #emorymemory #UGtravels
It’s massachusettes madness with TWO engineering students @OlinCollege #bostonbound #UGliving
@Wakeforest a student is business bound #strictlybusiness #northcarolinacalling #UG
@RiceUniversity a student is awarded the rice distinguished trustee scholarship of $102,000 over 4 years #underthetexansun #UGtech
@Carneigemellon one student is ready to get techy in Pennsylvania #papower #UGsuccess
One student scores a hattrick with admissions secured at @GeorgiaTech @Yale @Cambridge_uni #scientistinthemaking #UGgrowing
@UniofSurrey one student is ready to juggle math and economics #asurrealexperience #UGabroad
@UniofExeter two students are ready to excel at Exeter #queeniscalling #UKUG
@UnivofStAndrews and @EdinburghUni one student is ready to manage Scotland #missmanagement #UKUG
@KingsCollegelon it’s raining double happiness with two students ready to head to London #londonlife #UKUG
@UniofNottingham two students delve into the study of international relations and biochemistry #newtonottingham #eurobound #UG
@QMUL one student is ready to study international relations in the heart of Europe #it’spolitical #eurobound #UG
@ImperialCollege one student is ready to show the queen whose boss #londonlife #UKUG
@UCLA a student is all set to study engineering in the west coast #hellosunshine #UGlife
@UCSanDiego a student is keen to study STEM #californiadreaming #stemitup #UG
@GeorgiaTech welcomes one enthusiastic engineer this year #hellogeorgia #UGliving
A technician from India makes it to @PurdueUniversity #letsgettechy #collegeupdates
@RoseHulman a student is all set to build robots abroad #collegebuzz #UGrobotics
@USC a biologist is all set to learn even more about the human body #brainybiologist #UGscientist
@MichiganRoss This applicant has found the perfect MAP to her second MBA, and a scholarship to help her get there! #excited #hardworkpaysoff #MBA
Two students from India are motivated to become mechanical and electrical engineers post their study @Northeastern #mechanicsinthemaking #UG
@UW welcomes seven students to explore the various sciences and social sciences that the college has to offer. #seveninheaven #UGsucess
@BU_Tweets five indian students are keen to specialise in natural and social sciences #famousfive #UGonaroll
Three students seeks to fulfil their desire of being engineers @UCLA this year #californication #UGupdate
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The Red Pen team gave tremendous time and effort to my applications something I feel really distinguishes them from others. Stanford would not have been possible without their guidance! I started this journey with no idea about the things I needed to do for applying abroad. With The Red Pen’s help I was able to prepare a comprehensive timeline of activities and select colleges that would be a great fit for me, in the US and Singapore. Collaborating remotely with the team was never an issue.

When it came to writing the college essays, the team helped me brainstorm ideas and reviewed my drafts to ensure that I was communicating my experiences effectively. I found their team-based approach very useful, because I had the benefit of feedback from multiple consultants. I participated in mock interviews in preparation for meeting alumni from different universities. By the end, I was able to speak more confidently and articulate my thoughts in a more structured and purposeful manner.

Stanford University, Class of 2021


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