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A decade-plus old education consultancy with a global presence

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Our Story

We are an independent education consulting company that helps applicants plan their journey at the school, college or postgraduate level. Our founders, who grew up in the US, were struck by how differences in global education systems and cultural expectations led to knowledge gaps, confusion and misconceptions among students from all over the world. They founded The Red Pen to help applicants make informed choices about global education opportunities, while providing holistic guidance to navigate complex admissions processes.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of The Red Pen is our commitment to finding the ‘best-fit’ institution for every applicant. We are committed to helping our applicants and their families by first understanding their cultural background, financial plans, long-term goals, interests, academic performance and professional expertise.

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Our Team

Dr. Kimberly Wright Dixit (PhD, Duke University and BA, University of California, Santa Barbara) and Namita Mehta (M.Biochem, University of Oxford) lead our 120+ member team. Our strong group of consultants come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wealth of experience from the US, UK, Canada, Europe and India. Their extensive knowledge of admissions processes, customised approach and collaborative efforts set The Red Pen apart.

Our Promise

At The Red Pen, we know that integrity is essential to the admissions process. Our organisation and consultants are committed to the highest ethical standards and practice respectful behaviour in interactions with our clients, their families, international institutions, admissions officers and other stakeholders. Our consultants advise within the boundaries of their expertise. We accept payment only for work contracted and do not exchange payment with university admissions offices.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

Our 120+ member team at The Red Pen, known for its vast knowledge of application processes and global education opportunities, come from all over the world. We have received accolades from platforms such as JobsForHer Top 5 Companies in DivHersity (SMEs) and Top 5 DivHersity Champions (SMEs/Startups) and have been invited to exclusive group discussions on Diversity and Inclusion on platforms like LinkedIn.

TRP Values

We uphold international principles as a global education consultancy

We encourage you to build your application with honesty and uphold the highest ethical standards as we help you reflect on and refine your narrative.
We pride ourselves on our process-driven approach, our team of experienced consultants and our multi-level essay reviews 
We empower you with updated admissions trends and insider information to help you submit an impactful application to your dream business school.
Our team-based approach pairs you with alumni from leading business schools, experienced content specialists and resume building experts.

Why Choose Us?

Unlocking the secret to your success

Meet our Team

A collaborative and applicant-centered approach is our strength
Dr. Kimberly Dixit
Namita Mehta - President
Preeti Wadekar, MBA Services
Sheetal Vora - Manager, UG Services
Mehnaz Jaffer - Manager, UG Services
Shikha Dhar - Manager, Institutional Services
Aarti Anand - Manager Boarding School Services
Nainika Ajani - Manager, Pre-college Advising Services
Kavita Sonawala

Our Affiliations

Our counsellors are members of prestigious international organisations like Int’ ACAC, AIGAC, IECA, IC3 and The Outreach Collective. While these memberships ensure that we adhere to the industry’s global benchmarks, they enable us to remain at the forefront of the evolving admissions landscape with updated information on university trends. This commitment to professional engagement empowers us to provide high-quality guidance that aligns seamlessly with global best practices, further enhancing our clients’ value.

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