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5 Benefits of Sending Your Daughter to an All-Girls British Boarding School

POSTED ON 05/03/2023 BY Tara Reeve, Director of Admissions, Downe House School

While several Indian students aged 16 or older flock to the UK to take the A Level or the International Baccalaureate program, it has become increasingly common for parents to send their 11-13 years old kids to British boarding schools. Having worked as both a teacher and a Housemistress at one of England’s most exclusive all-girls boarding schools, I believe that they’re a perfect choice and perhaps the most precious gift you can give your daughters. 

Here are some of the reasons why all-girls British boarding schools are better: 

1) Top British boarding schools for girls help build confidence

Confident girls often grow up to be successful women. For a girl to be confident, she needs to feel good about who she is and be happy with herself. Often boys are taught to be brave, and girls are taught to be kind. But we, as educationalists, want our students to be brave and kind, regardless of whether they are boys or girls.

At British boarding schools with an all-girls environment, we tailor our teaching to how girls learn best. We encourage them to take risks, delve into subjects they can call their own and give them a safe space to offer opinions, ask questions and make mistakes without feeling judged by the opposite gender.

2) Top British boarding schools for girls let students enjoy their childhood

In today’s world, with social media infiltrating our lives, teenage girls and those slightly younger often feel compelled to look a certain way. But at top British boarding schools, students have fewer societal pressures and are relatively free to be themselves. 

3) An all-girls’ British boarding school education is empowering

As the league tables demonstrate, there is compelling evidence that a girls-only education leads to higher academic achievement and greater diversity of subject choice, and there’s a reason for this. In an all-girls’ classroom, we empower students by challenging them. We encourage them to cross boundaries and explore male-dominated sports and subjects, such as math, physics, and football. In doing so, we help girls find their voice and reject gender stereotyping. 

4) Top British boarding schools for girls foster leadership 

In an all-girls’ environment, more students are likely to assume leadership roles. This is because a wider range of possibilities exists for them to establish unique “niches” within the school community and lead instead of conforming to gender stereotypes. It is important to note that introverted individuals are just as capable of leading as their more extroverted counterparts and get equal opportunities to find their voice. Students are also surrounded by strong female role models, including pupils, staff, and alumnae, all working in unison to provide a safe and supportive network. 

5) British boarding schools build healthy relationships with the opposite sex

Gone are the awkward days when single-sex boarding schools kept their students cloistered from one another. Instead, we now offer opportunities for students from both boys’ and girls’ schools to work together academically and socially. At Downe House, we have a strategic partnership with Radley College, with girls, boys and staff benefiting from an extended array of opportunities to come together, learn and create friendships for life way beyond the classroom.

Preparing girls for the co-ed world could hardly be more effective. Giving girls the gift of confidence means they can cope with anything. Yes, ‘real life’ is co-ed, but teenagers are not adults and allowing them to develop a strong sense of self, away from the scrutiny of the opposite sex, can help them become more confident adults. By the time they enter the co-ed world of university, work and life, they have acquired the life skills and the self-confidence to succeed. There is no limit to what girls can achieve and how wonderfully privileged they are to go out into the world with such empowerment. Here’s an overview of top boarding schools in the UK and why boarding schools are a great option for holistic education. If you have any questions about boarding school admissions in the UK or otherwise, please get in touch with us.