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Independent education consulting company, helping applicants plan their education at the school, university or postgraduate levels. Also assisting high schools to develop student-focused, scalable university counselling infrastructure.

Our commitment to helping each applicant find their best fit is at the heart of The Red Pen. We believe that education is a source of empowerment and that going to the best school, college or professional program means going to the one that is best for you.


The company co-founders, Kavita Mehta and Kimberly Wright Dixit, grew up in the US and met in Mumbai. After helping several friends and families with their essays and applications, they were struck by the way differences in global education systems and cultural expectations led to knowledge gaps, misconceptions and confusion among Indian students. They established The Red Pen in 2011 to provide holistic guidance and empower applicants to make informed choices about studying abroad. Namita Mehta joined the company as a partner in 2015.



Kimberly Dixit

CEO & Co-Founder

PhD in Anthropology Duke University;
BA in Anthropology, UC Santa Barbara

Kim has nearly a decade of experience as an independent education consultant for undergraduate and MBA applicants. Through her regular Hindustan Times newspaper column, Kim offers study abroad advice to readers across India. In the past, she has taught undergraduate anthropology and writing courses at Duke University and taught at Stanford University as a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the humanities. In Mumbai, she has conducted courses in anthropology at St. Xavier’s College and writing workshops at the American Center. Originally from California’s Central Valley, Kim has also lived in San Francisco, New York and now calls Mumbai home.

Namita Mehta


Masters in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, University of Oxford;
A-Levels at Charterhouse Boarding School, UK

Namita led the University Guidance Counselling Department at B.D. Somani International School in Mumbai for over three years. As an in-house counsellor, she advised students on effective profile development, managed the international university application process, and developed relationships with university admissions offices. Namita also specializes in training applicants for the Oxford and Cambridge interview process. Namita currently resides in Mumbai, but past homes include Hong Kong, UK and Germany.

Kavita Mehta

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania;
BS in Business, Wake Forest University

Kavita has advised students and parents in the US, Singapore and India on MBA, undergraduate and school admissions for 15+ years. Prior to co-founding The Red Pen in 2011, she worked in investment banking with PaineWebber (acquired by UBS) on Wall Street, e-commerce with Yahoo! in Silicon Valley and digital media with GroupM (a division of WPP) in Singapore.

As a passionate believer in the power of technology to transform lives, Kavita has stepped away from a full time operating role at The Red Pen to focus on a passion project at the intersection of education, skills and technology.

7+ fantastic years!




6 service offerings

Early Advising
Boarding & Day School
Institutional Support

9 NATIONALITIES 7 global locations

US, Canada, Belgium, India, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong

Membership & Affiliations


THE RED PEN TEAM – Experienced, International and Diverse

Consultants with diverse backgrounds, who possess a wealth of education, experience and knowledge of life in India and abroad, represent the company’s strong foundation.

An international team of 70 members representing 9 nationalities across 7 global locations, each of whom contribute diverse perspectives.

Team of consultants, who draw on their extensive educational background and industry experience to provide holistic guidance. The team’s educational qualifications include the world’s top institutions.

*Representative list of universities

Global Presence

Team of consultants, who draw on their extensive educational background and industry experience to provide holistic guidance. The team’s educational qualifications include the world’s top institutions.

*Representative list of universities

Highly Qualified Team Members

An international team of 50+ members representing 8 nationalities across 6 countries, each of whom contribute diverse perspectives.


Integrity is essential to the admissions process and The Red Pen is committed to high ethical standards.
Our organization and its consultants practice ethical and respectful behaviour in interactions with our clients, their families, international institutions, admissions officers and the public. Our consultants practice within the boundaries of their competence. We accept payment only for work contracted. We do not exchange payment with university admissions offices.


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The fundamental role of independent educational consultants is to help students explore college opportunities and find the right place for them to succeed academically and socially. IECs don’t get students admitted—they help students demonstrate why they deserve to be admitted at appropriately chosen schools. They help students find colleges they might not have heard of—often out of their region—and they help students put their best foot forward.

Here are 5 things families should consider when looking to hire an IEC:

  1. Does the IEC belong to a professional association such as IECA with established and rigorous standards for membership?
  2. Do not trust any offers of guaranteed admission to a school or a certain minimum dollar value in scholarships.
  3. Ensure that the IEC adheres to the ethical guidelines for private counseling established by IECA.
  4. Find an IEC that visits college, school, and program campuses and meets with admissions representatives regularly in order to keep up with new trends, academic changes and evolving campus cultures.
  5. Do they attend professional conferences or training workshops on a regular basis to keep up with regional and national trends and changes in the law?