ACT and SAT becoming less relevant?

A small but growing list of colleges is de-emphasizing standardized tests in their admissions processes. What does this mean for new applicants? This article delves into how the ACT and the SAT might not become as relevant in the process moving forward.

saving money

A Simple Way to Bring Down College-Application Costs

Though we do not necessarily think about the cost of sending test scores to the colleges, this is indeed a huge burden on students we work with who need financial aid. This article talks about a simple way to help with this burden.
It's good news that colleges are starting to allow students to self report scores - you can save a lot of money!


Informational Session for Columbia, Yale and Penn

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@UIUC a student is keen to explore physics, creating a pathway for a realm of career options #studyingphysicsisalwaysasafebet #UG
@BU a student is accepted, via the ED2 round, making him feel like he made the right choice #differentiatedhimselfsuccessfully #UG
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@CaliforniaStateFullerton hopes to widen the scope of film production among the British population, by imparting knowledge to a talented London freshman #thewiderthefieldthebettertheyield #UG
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@HBS always dealing positively with transitions whether industries and cities, this applicant is now ready for the move to Boston to join her partner #changeisconstant #accepted #MBA
@Purdue welcomes a student from India, to explore their realm of academia, along with the interiors of Lafayette #anindianinindiana #UG
@HBS a media maven looks to share his experience in the Indian media and entertainment sector with the admissions team #interviewtime #MBA
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@JohnHopkins a tech enthusiast is excited to learn how this program will help achieve his IoT goals #interviewinvite #MBA
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@UCBoulder TRP’s first admit to the school #proudmoment #newbeginnings #UG
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@StanfordGSB from the Indian army to business school – what an inspiring journey #MBA
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The Red Pen team gave tremendous time and effort to my applications something I feel really distinguishes them from others. Stanford would not have been possible without their guidance! I started this journey with no idea about the things I needed to do for applying abroad. With The Red Pen’s help I was able to prepare a comprehensive timeline of activities and select colleges that would be a great fit for me, in the US and Singapore. Collaborating remotely with the team was never an issue.

When it came to writing the college essays, the team helped me brainstorm ideas and reviewed my drafts to ensure that I was communicating my experiences effectively. I found their team-based approach very useful, because I had the benefit of feedback from multiple consultants. I participated in mock interviews in preparation for meeting alumni from different universities. By the end, I was able to speak more confidently and articulate my thoughts in a more structured and purposeful manner.

Stanford University, Class of 2021


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