Undergraduate Preparation Services

Make Your Ivy League Dreams a Reality with a Passion Project
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Undergraduate Preparation at The Red Pen

4 stage of building a competitive undergraduate profile


Focus on exploring diverse academic & non-academic interests


Identify 3-4 activities that are important to you & build a personal storyline 


Elevate your application’s competitiveness by executing in-depth projects to showcase leadership and initiative


Curate your application towards your higher education goals 

The Mentorship Approach

Steps for Pre College-Advising
Steps for Pre College-Advising

The Mentorship Programme

Skill Enhancement

  • Continuous skill development workshops (inclusive of STEM, critical thinking, reflective writing, AI)
  • Resume creation
  • Identifying right-fit enrichment opportunities

Profile Development

  • Extra-curricular exploration and Summer planning using i4 framework and SMART goal-setting
  • Ideation and implementation of Passion projects
  • College research and visits assistance

Academic Counselling

  • Advice on the best fit curriculum and subject selection
  • Academic and career exploration through psychometric testing & mini project
  • Standardised testing strategy
  • Support with time management and study skills

Team Undergraduate Preparation

Our global team of consultants hold an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from some of the most prestigious universities