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5 Powerful Reasons Why Epsom College in Malaysia is a Leading Boarding School

POSTED ON 04/04/2024 BY The Red Pen

Epsom College in Malaysia is a Leading Boarding School

In the realm of education, Epsom College in Malaysia (Epsom) stands out for its unique blend of tradition and innovation. Established in 2014, it is the only sister school to the renowned Epsom College in the UK, which was hailed as the UK’s Independent School of the Year 2022. Drawing on nearly 200 years of heritage, Epsom has carved a niche for itself as a leading British boarding school, offering a holistic British education experience in the heart of Asia. Explore the essence of Epsom, where tradition meets innovation to create a beacon of excellence in education.

1) Academic excellence

At the heart of the school’s ethos lies a commitment to academic excellence and holistic growth. The school prides itself on nurturing students to achieve their full potential. 

Epsom’s Headmaster, Matthew Brown, says, “We are careful not to just create rote learners and instead look to develop students’ interpersonal skills such that they become people that others are going to want to work with in the future”. 

Through The Epsom Advantage, a personalised university support programme, students receive bespoke, one-on-one guidance and a clearly defined roadmap for successful applications into prestigious universities globally. 

Notably, over 90 percent of Epsom graduates secure spots in top global universities, such as the University of Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Stanford University, University of Melbourne and others. Additionally, students go on to receive full scholarships to institutions like the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, the National University of Singapore and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

With dedicated educators, almost 90 percent of whom are expatriates and UK-trained professionals living on-site, the support starts as early as Grade 7. The Oxbridge Alumni Mentorship Programme and Elite University Tutors further aid students in cultivating skills, motivations and future aspirations into successful university applications. Additionally, the school’s Super Curricular Programme offers a plethora of leadership and student-led initiatives, such as the Medical Review Society, the Epsom Monthly Magazine and the Science & Environment Societies, where students develop their passions and leadership qualities that may otherwise have remained untapped, alongside like-minded peers.

“I think when you’re in an environment where people believe in you as much as my teachers have, it’s very hard not to thrive. Being in such an environment is crucial for achieving one’s goals,” remarks Cazra, a graduate of Epsom who is now pursuing Law at the University of Cambridge.

Epsom’s academic excellence is evident with 71 percent of A-Level and 93 percent of IGCSE students achieving A*/A grades in 2023. 

2) Holistic learning

Epsom’s commitment to holistic learning extends beyond conventional boundaries. Students gain valuable insights through the student-moderated Epsom Live Talk series, featuring esteemed guests like former prime ministers, C-suite executives and industry leaders. Moreover, guaranteed internships at renowned Malaysian corporations such as AirAsia and Petronas provide first-hand industry experiences.

“The holistic education I received at Epsom not only broadened my perspective but also equipped me with confidence and essential life skills,” reflects Yugendran, a graduate of Epsom currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering at Stanford University. 

Epsom’s partnership with the Asia School of Business, in collaboration with MIT, exemplifies efforts to ignite curiosity beyond the curriculum. This alliance expands the academic horizon, allowing students to engage with global experts in diverse fields like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Business, Economics, and Computer Science.

3) Pastoral care 

Boarding and pastoral care are integral components of the educational experience at Epsom, offering students the best of British education within a multicultural environment. Modelled after the House system of Epsom College UK, it comprises six boarding houses catering to both boys and girls. Each house is overseen by a dedicated housemaster or housemistress and supported by an experienced pastoral care team working collaboratively to provide educational and pastoral support to every student. 

The pastoral system fosters a strong sense of family among students, contributing significantly to their well-being and academic success. In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, four additional purpose-built boarding houses will be built, extending a warm ‘home away from home’ to more international students from diverse corners of the globe. This expansion reinforces Epsom’s commitment to providing a world-class British boarding school experience and fortifies the end goal of a pathway to the world’s best universities.

Students here benefit from a multicultural environment, embracing diversity and interacting with peers from over 30 nationalities. This exposure facilitates cross-cultural exchange and understanding, enriching the educational experience and preparing students for a globalised world.

According to COBIS (Council British International Schools), a globally respected organisation representing over 450 schools, “Global mindedness is demonstrated in the very fabric of Epsom, both in terms of its truly international student body, its outward-looking mindset, its staff from different cultures and experiences, and its acknowledgement that to continue its journey, an international outlook is at the heart of future success.”

Living on campus, students become part of a close-knit community where they develop essential life skills such as independence and responsibility and cultivate qualities like leadership, teamwork, and empathy. The Houses also facilitate after-school academic support during ‘prep tutor time’ and access to exceptional facilities outside regular class hours. In this nurturing environment, students are empowered to thrive academically, socially, and personally, laying the foundation for their future success as individuals and contributing members of society.

4) Accolades

Epsom has been awarded the prestigious double Beacon Status by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) – a global association representing over 450 international British schools and organisations worldwide!

This esteemed accolade is awarded to a select few. Only 6 out of over 450 members globally have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in adhering to COBIS standards and are dedicated to sharing their best practices with schools worldwide.

To add to this distinction, Epsom exhibited excellence in two specific standards: Student Welfare and Leadership in the School, which are among the most pivotal COBIS standards. Furthermore, Epsom has received 25 commendations across the 10 standards, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to excellence.

5) Asia’s only integrated school for academic excellence with world-class sports and music programmes

Acknowledging the competitive landscape of university admissions, Epsom emphasises holistic academic development through sports, arts, and extracurricular activities, equipping students with a well-rounded skill set. Situated on a sprawling 80-acre campus, the school offers unparalleled facilities complemented by elite sports and music academies.

The school introduced the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme (MTP) in collaboration with Patrick Mouratoglou, the former coach of Grand Slam champions like Serena Williams and Coco Gauff. The on-site Mouratoglou Tennis Complex boasts 11 ITF-compliant courts, including Southeast Asia’s first indoor French red clay courts. The Mouratoglou coaching methodology prepares junior players to excel in the sport and positions them for successful admissions into leading global universities.

The ECM Golf Academy features a five-acre facility with a 30-bay driving range, indoor and outdoor teaching studios, and putting and chipping greens. With guidance from acclaimed PGA-professional coaches, students have earned top rankings in local and global tournaments, such as the US Kids Golf tournament, and qualified for the 2024 European Championships.

The school also welcomed the first LALIGA Academy in Asia. The academy offers aspiring footballers access to the acclaimed LALIGA methodology under the tutelage of UEFA professional coaches from Spain. It is endorsed by the top professional football division of the Spanish league system, providing young players from across the continent with training rooted in techniques that have produced world-renowned talents like Lionel Messi. 

The ECM Music Academy will soon be established to provide a comprehensive education for musically gifted students, seamlessly integrating academic rigour with musical pursuits. Students can look to develop their talents further and consider entry into the world’s top music conservatories.

For those considering a boarding school education in Asia, Epsom College in Malaysia emerges as a standout choice. Renowned for its commitment to educational excellence, the institution seamlessly integrates rigorous academics with holistic development, ensuring students receive a well-rounded educational experience.

“Excellent results, boarding options and a growing programme to support talented sports stars. For families looking for a top-notch education in line with a British-style boarding school approach and within easy access of KL International Airport, Epsom College in Malaysia is nailing the formula.” – The Good Schools Guide

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