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What Makes Macleans College an Excellent International School

POSTED ON 08/17/2023 BY Andrea Mcleod Karim

Discover 5 reasons why Macleans College is a superb choice for an international boarding school education. Shape your child's success today!

If you want to give your child an international high school experience, consider New Zealand, a safe destination renowned for its emphasis on academic excellence. Ranked as one of the world’s leading English-speaking countries focussed on preparing students for the future, New Zealand is home to several top international schools. 

Macleans College in Auckland is one of New Zealand’s leading co-educational secondary schools, with the largest international student body in the country. Here are five reasons why parents should consider sending their children to Macleans College: 

1) Macleans College is renowned for academic excellence

Macleans College, one of the world’s finest international schools, provides its students with a unique educational pathway, allowing them to opt for either the New Zealand national curriculum or the internationally acclaimed Cambridge International AS and A Levels. Max, a student from Germany, says, “Initially, I was planning to stay here for a year only, but after having experienced Macleans, I decided to pursue my studies here. A major factor in making this decision was that the school offers the Cambridge International Examinations, allowing me to attend university almost anywhere in the world.” 

The exceptional academic achievements of Macleans College students are underscored by their consistent recognition through Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards. These accolades range from Top of the World to Top of the Country distinctions, demonstrates the school’s exceptional performance on the global stage, to impressive standings in New Zealand’s nationwide examinations.

The school invites exceptional students to participate in a scholarship programme. This initiative offers supplementary tutorial support and the opportunity to engage in advanced projects. Notably, these efforts can lead to attaining scholarship awards, with the potential for further recognition upon their transition to university. 

2) Macleans College provides a pathway to premier universities worldwide

Those who graduate from Macleans College pursue higher education at New Zealand’s premier universities and extend their academic endeavours to institutions worldwide. Students of this school have secured admissions to prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Caltech, the University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Yale University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, the University of California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Group of Eight universities in Australia. 

Furthermore, their achievements extend to renowned establishments like Imperial College London, The Royal College of Art London, and the London Art School.

3) Macleans College nurtures talent and sets the stage for success

Macleans College fosters holistic growth, encompassing academic prowess, a rich array of facilities, and over a hundred diverse extracurricular options, spanning sports, culture, service, music, dance, drama, and academic competitions. With eight expansive sports arenas, a well-equipped gymnasium, a sophisticated auditorium, a state-of-the-art library, and specialised music and technology centres, the school grants students access to world-class amenities.

Macleans College is renowned for New Zealand’s finest school orchestras and concert bands and offers tailored music scholarships to accomplished students. 

This emphasis on honing individual aptitudes has culminated in an impressive array of student accolades, including national and international recognition in design, music, and the sciences.

Due to the school’s commitment to nurturing talent, students regularly secure prestigious sporting scholarships from distinguished US universities. Notably, in 2023 alone, the school clinched scholarships through the NCAA programme, excelling in disciplines ranging from golf and athletics to rowing.

4) Macleans College has a Homestay System that enables students to live with families

Instead of dormitories, Macleans College’s unique Homestay System pairs international students with host families that look after them. Using a questionnaire, the school matches students with families that align with their personalities, interests, and special requirements. This unique system provides a supportive environment while maintaining safety and curfew arrangements. Students develop a unique bond with their host families that last beyond their student years.  

5) Macleans College creates a sense of belonging with its Whānau  House System

One of the unique features of Macleans College is its Whānau house system. ‘Whānau’ means ‘extended family’ in the traditional Māori language. On arrival, students are allocated to one of the eight Whānaus, each providing a supportive and welcoming environment where they can thrive. According to Nuch, a student from Thailand, “We have eight houses in total, and I think it’s an excellent way for students and teachers to interact, and the house competitions are really great.”

Each Whānau encompasses a large, state-of-the-art building with spaces dedicated to various social and academic activities and an effective environment for learning. This house is where students remain throughout their years at Macleans, forming lifelong bonds with students from all four corners of the globe. 

In essence, Macleans College uses a holistic approach that offers a stellar academic journey, a healthy mix of extracurricular activities and a unique and enriching international experience that prepares students to excel in an interconnected world. For more information and admissions-related questions, please contact their representative in India, Andrea McLeod-Karim, at andrea.mcleod-karim@qualitynz.ecucation 

Macleans College is a leading co-educational secondary school named after the Maclean family, who migrated to New Zealand in 1850 and cultivated the land upon which the school stands. Its mission revolves around collaborating with the local community to nurture students into holistic individuals, fostering personal growth in a supportive and disciplined atmosphere.