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Saturday, September 9

11:00 am IST

Virtual event | Free

About the event

Crafting a compelling Statement of Purpose requires a clear understanding of its objective and the elements required to make it stand out. The Red Pen Postgraduate team is hosting an engaging webinar with valuable insights that will transform your Statement of Purpose into a persuasive masterpiece. Join us and discover what it takes to impress admission officers of leading graduate schools around the world.

This webinar will cover:

Personal Statement vs Statement of Purpose

Understand the differences between these two crucial application components to tailor your writing for a state of purpose.

Decoding the admissions officers' perspectives

Discover essential elements that catch their attention and set your statement of purpose apart from the competition.

Choosing elements for your narrative

Learn how to identify life experiences and weave them into a cohesive narrative that showcases your qualities and strengths.

Statement of Purpose tips and strategies

Get expert advice on brainstorming, outlining, and organising your thoughts and strategies for writing impactful introductions and conclusions.

Exclusive: Stay for the Q&A session and seek answers from the expert

About The Red Pen Postgraduate Team

The Red Pen Postgraduate Admissions team is dedicated to helping you identify and apply to international master’s and PhD programmes that align with your academic and career goals. 

We are members of the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), which gives us access to the latest updates on university trends.  

We work with applicants with diverse interests in finance, technology, general management, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship, computer science, data science, analytics, sustainability and social impact, among others.