Meet Stanford's Finest Minds Event Banner
Meet Stanford's Finest Minds Event Banner

Saturday, October 14

6 pm to 7 pm IST

Virtual | Free

About the event

Nainka Ajani from The Red Pen Pre-College Advising Team is all set to host a highly-anticipated and exclusive panel discussion with two distinguished luminaries from Stanford and a summer programmes expert. Through the webinar, the panellists will leverage their extensive experience and expertise to offer subject-specific insights, advice on selecting summer programmes, guidance on mentorship and more.

Maral Tajerian, Stanford University

Maral Tajerian

Ex-Postdoctoral Fellow - Biology / Math
Stanford University

Joel Simon, Standford University

Joel Simon

Faculty - STEM and Design Thinking
Stanford University

Julianna Rolf, Eduexplora

Julianna Rolf

Summer programme specialist

This webinar will cover:

Subject-specific insights

Learn how to choose the right subjects and get expert advice on showcasing your passion and proficiency in them.

Benefits of summer programmes

Explore diverse summer opportunities and learn how they demonstrate your academic and personal growth commitment.

Importance of a mentorship programme

Discover the vital role of mentorship in preparing for undergraduate admissions and the benefits of personalised advice, insider insights, and access to valuable resources.

Exclusive: Stay for the Q&A session and seek answers from the expert

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