PG Mentorship Service for College Students


This series of four exhaustive one hour sessions is for students in years 1, 2 or 3 of undergraduate study, seeking to build their profile for postgraduate studies at institutions across the globe or work after their bachelor’s degree or at a later date.

The mentorship service will include four exhaustive counselling sessions are conducted once every quarter.

Sessions I and II
– The counsellor would review your profile in detail and discuss your academic interests, and strengths. This would lay the foundation to strategize post-bachelor goals- whether academic or professional in nature
– Build a roadmap and timeline towards the goals and discuss action items that will help you achieve these goals
– Discuss the nature of work that would be ideal for an internship, extracurricular activities, and co-curricular engagements

Sessions III and IV
– Help the student understand in-depth the process of applying to foreign universities,
– Discussion on viable options for a master’s, components of the application as per country/ies of preference, and a checklist of all things needed to be done to submit a competitive application including connecting the student with third party test prep providers.

The counsellor will also provide targeted executive skills training such as effective time management, study techniques, resume edits and managing exam anxiety. The follow-up sessions would be scheduled based on the mutual convenience of the student and the counsellor, once every quarter.

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