Professor Spotlight_ Stanford University Edition
Professor Spotlight_ Stanford University Edition

Friday, Dec 8, 2023

5:30pm IST

The Red Pen, near Opera House, Mumbai

About the event

The Red Pen is delighted to present an exclusive meet-and-greet with Professor Joel Simon, a Stanford faculty member, specialising in STEM and Design Thinking. This event offers parents and students a rare chance to interact directly with him, acquire in-depth knowledge in their respective subjects, receive valuable mentorship guidance, and explore numerous other tips for a successful admissions journey.

This event will cover:

Stanford experience

Discover what it’s like to study at Stanford University, including the academic rigour, cutting-edge research opportunities, diverse culture and more.

Subject-specific insights

Learn how to choose the right subjects and get expert advice on showcasing your passion and proficiency.

Importance of a mentorship programme

Discover the vital role of mentorship in preparing for undergraduate admissions and the benefits of personalised advice, insider insights, and access to valuable resources.

Exclusive: Stay for the Q&A session and seek answers from the expert

About The Red Pen Pre-College Advising Team

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  • We mentor, motivate and encourage students through high school to carefully pick the right subjects and engage in extracurricular opportunities that authentically enhance their profiles.
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