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7 Strong Reasons to Choose Dubai for Boarding School

POSTED ON 10/25/2023 BY Swagat Yadav

Bird-view of Dubai with skyscrapers.

Dubai, with its exceptional educational institutions, accommodations, strong focus on safety, and a wealth of diverse activities, has flourished as a sought-after tourist destination and a thriving business hub. It has also gained prominence among international families seeking quality education at world-class boarding schools for their children. This blog explores why you should consider sending your child to a boarding school in this vibrant city. 

Ideal location

Dubai’s rapid ascent as a global airport hub is not just a matter of chance but a result of its well-placed geographical location. Situated at the intersection of three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai enjoys a unique advantage. For students from India, this strategic location holds particular appeal. A flight from major Indian cities like Mumbai or Delhi to Dubai is merely three hours long. Moreover, the frequency of flights, with multiple departures daily, adds to the convenience. Students and their families can easily plan trips to and from Dubai, minimising travel-related stress and making it a much more feasible choice for those considering boarding schools abroad.

Cultural diversity

Over 80 percent of Dubai’s population comprises expatriates. This unique demographic composition allows students to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of the Emirati culture. It provides them an invaluable opportunity to interact with numerous nationalities and their customs. The city’s multicultural milieu also offers a unique educational experience, fostering respect, tolerance, and a deep understanding of different perspectives. These qualities are paramount in today’s interconnected world, equipping our students with the cultural competence to thrive in an increasingly globalised society. The inclusive culture of the city permeates schools as well. 

In alignment with Dubai’s Inclusive Education Policy Framework, educational establishments such as the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai enthusiastically embrace children from diverse backgrounds and abilities, fostering a shared learning environment. All students have equal access to high-quality education, intervention, and comprehensive support in this inclusive setting.

Language immersion

As a boarding destination, Dubai offers students a unique opportunity for language immersion beyond conventional classroom learning. For instance, the language acquisition journey is a holistic experience at the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai. Students don’t merely study languages from textbooks; they live them. They converse daily with classmates and teachers to gain a more authentic and immersive language-learning experience. This approach accelerates the path to fluency and provides students with practical, real-world language skills needed to navigate our increasingly globalised society. 

Safety and security 

Recent data underscores Dubai’s status as one of the world’s safest cities, boasting remarkably low crime rates. In a 2020 survey conducted by Numbeo, Dubai ranked sixth in the world for overall safety.  This is particularly significant when contemplating sending your child to a boarding school in a foreign country. Dubai’s exceptional safety record ensures that parents can have peace of mind, knowing their children are in one of the most secure environments in the world. 

Moreover, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented rigorous laws and policies to safeguard children, and educational institutions must adhere to these regulations. For instance, the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai has established a dedicated Safeguarding Team that diligently oversees the well-being and security of students. 

Exceptional learning experiences

Dubai has become a global epicentre for innovation and pioneering ventures in recent years. The city has been a host to unparalleled events and iconic architectural marvels, and students here enjoy the privilege of exploring these distinctive opportunities. Learning experiences include visits to events such as EXPO and the Museum of the Future, which offer an unparalleled glimpse into cutting-edge advancements in various fields. International institutions like the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai invite astronauts, visionary entrepreneurs, and esteemed ambassadors who are visiting the city to engage with its students. These encounters provide invaluable opportunities for students to gain unique insights into innovation, leadership, and global perspectives.

Career opportunities

Dubai is a dynamic city teeming with opportunities for students aspiring to venture into innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Its strategic positioning further enhances these prospects, serving as an ideal business expansion hub. International schools empower students to explore these exciting possibilities by delivering an education that strongly emphasises critical thinking, problem-solving, and nurturing creativity. For instance, the BTEC Hospitality course at the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai gives students a hands-on experience alongside some of the UAE’s most prestigious hotels and seasoned hotel managers. This experience enriches their educational journey and gives them a competitive edge as they step into the post-education world, well-prepared to seize the promising career opportunities that await them.

Outstanding school facilities

Dubai’s commitment to innovation and technology extends to its schools as well. Swiss International Scientific School Dubai students benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology that significantly enrich their learning experience. Their science laboratories are fully equipped with advanced instruments, allowing students to engage in hands-on experiments and research. The school also has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a football pitch, and well-appointed basketball and tennis courts. These amenities promote physical fitness and a sense of teamwork and offer students the chance to explore their athletic potential. Swiss International Scientific School Dubai also has studios furnished with contemporary instruments for students inclined toward the arts and music, facilitating the exploration of their creative talents. Whether through visual arts, music, or other creative endeavours, students in Dubai will have all the resources they need to bring their visions to life.

Dubai’s myriad opportunities for personal growth, academic excellence, and future career prospects make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a well-rounded and world-class education for their children. Here are seven reasons why you should send your child to boarding school and what life is like at a boarding school. For any information on international or Indian boarding school admissions, please contact us. Our team looks forward to assisting you.